Karezza - over excitation causes hangover?

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Hi everyone,

So i've been trying Karezza with my partner for some weeks now and the exchanges have made us feel very different in a very good way, however when we try karezza intercourse at the end I feel those hungover symptoms x10. I get overly excited, a lot of precum but I dont ejaculate. I try to breathe and try to refocus on conforting her by giving her loving affection by strocking her hair or kissing her in a loving giving way.

Are there any physiological or hormonal changes associated with the decline of passionate affection for one’s partner?

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The feelings of being passionately in love with a person early in a relationship are widely acknowledged to decrease over time, and after a few years, probably disappear entirely.

Are there any hormonal, physiological or neurological changes associated with the increase of relationship duration, and thus inevitable change in behaviour?

I would like to request this question pertain more specifically to the female, rather than the male and male behaviour, since it seems to me that substantially more has been written on men and male behaviour already. Thank you.

Karezza and Depression medication

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Good day all
I want to find out, would depression meds numb out the effects of the karezza method, having its influence on serotonin and all, would karezza "overcome" these effects of depression meds.
My wife will be stopping the meds soon, as its keeps here in a "numb" state, obviously altering her libido, so the experience will improve for her, but I would love to know the science behind the oxytocin vs depression meds battle.


the olive tree

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I'm updating to say that things are going really well in our 18-year relationship. Patience and communication are paying off, after about five years of me being interested in karezza and him not being "there" yet.

My title refers to Penelope and Odysseus' bed, built on the stump of an olive tree, which symbolizes peace. How's that for peace between the sheets?!