Explaining the concept of karezza

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In this video a man explains karezza to a guy who may be ejaculating too frequently. This might help someone new to the concept understand how karezza can makes sense. Karezza discussion begins around minute 12. If you don't want to watch the video, you can read the article on this same page.

Too much sex? How to maintain relationship harmony and stay pornfree.

‘Genital/orgasm De-emphasis’ may increase relationship satisfaction

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Research by a grad student at Bowling Green State University attempted to investigate the effects of tantric-sex behavior (in non-tantric practitioners): "Development and Validation of a Tantric Sex Scale: Sexual-Mindfulness, Spiritual Purpose, and Genital/orgasm De-emphasis" (https://etd.ohiolink.edu/pg_10?0::NO:10:P10_ACCESSION_NUM:bgsu154203013060414).

Why exactly does touch between female and male differ than between individuals of the same gender?

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I feel this is relevant to karezza as that is what karezza is all about, right? Touching and intimacy.

I have always wondered, why is it that when my hand brushes against the hand of a beautiful woman, I feel like a pleasurable electric tingle in my body, especially up my back? When I hug the woman I like, I can feel pleasurable tingles all over me, that sometimes lasts almost a minute.

This never happens when I touch another man.

Is Karezza just edging?

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I have wondered this a long time. I heard that the popular term that refers to continuous erotic or sexual stimulation without orgasm is called edging. I have heard from various sources that this puts strain on the male sexual organs like the prostate and testes, and that people who try to avoid ejaculation (such as those who practice various taoist practices) often differ from pain and problems after a while.

I wondered what this community’s thoughts are on this topic? Thanks