Sex / tantra chairs and furniture

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There's been some mention of "yoga chairs" in the past. I don't think there's a running thread for this sort of furniture and I came across some interesting options linked below. I intentionally ignored inflatable options as well as foam bits for use on a bed or the floor. Feel free to include them if you'd like or any others worth a mention. I flagged the links with a trigger warning as needed. These seem expensive for what they are, especially compared to the imported yoga chairs. A problem with all of these is usability is somewhat dependent on body size like all furniture.

Quick update

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Well, it's been months since I was here last. In that time my husband has more than seven months of rebooting, abstaining from the porn, masturbation and orgasm (PMO) cycle, under his belt. We haven't stuck to karezza totally but we do keep coming back to it for a variety of reasons. And our marriage is light years away from when I wrote my first post, feeling so sad that I didn't have the allure of a cat. http://www.reuniting.info/blogs/fupornwife/newcomer-wishing-i-had-allure...

Karezza Cards

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(I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong part of the forum).



a few years ago I came across the concept of Karezza.
I thought: My God, this is Amazing! More people should know about this! This should be Mainstream!

And then I went to google and searched for: Karezza Cards.

They did not exist.
I love tarot. There's lot of tarot cards, and oracle cards, and cards for Everything. (With recipes and exercises, etc.)

But no karezza cards.
Well, I thought: Someone Must make them.


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Hi ,

it was close to three years ago when I was last on this site. This community of essentially strangers helped me so much in processing my struggles with a crumbling marriage. I was trying to salvage or "reunite" a tattered and shredded and macerated sexual relationship. Which really was only the tip of the iceberg for a relationship that was loving in some ways but so very codependent and dysfunctional in most others.

White Tantra

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My priestess wife mentioned this morning how she felt – that women really need to feel deep sexual pleasure. “It’s such a longing that so many of us never get to experience – either because of mating sex, or because we just don’t know that a man is capable of giving us good sex.” The trouble is there is so much danger in the world today, so much sexual degeneration. Few couples really know how to cultivate sexual intimacy, especially on a level that is sacred and intensely satisfying.