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Dear gentle souls stumbling on this post:

Decades of obsession with orgasm, pushed around by hormonal urges (that is what they felt like), and repeated struggles with partners who either didn't meet my voracious appetite (sexual needs/urges) or, somehow failed my criteria to trigger arousal and sexual desire.................here I am, posting this at age 65, happy about sharing with a community of folks who might be able to relate.

The karezza is the hot new sex trend of 2018 – and it guarantees even BETTER orgasms (Daily Star)

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[Clearly there's a media push behind this couple and their laughable, pro-orgasm version of karezza. Huh??? Their "orgasmic hug" video is a hoot, but I can't embed it. WARNING: Watch out for extreme triggers if you go to the original article.]

MANY couples are incorporating the karezza method into their love lives.

Karezza Is The Orgasm-Free Way To Improve Your Sex Life (Women's Health)

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“People have sex like rabbits. Karezza is more like having sex like a tortoise.”

Whether it’s a quickie in the closet while the kids sleep, a brief bang in the bathroom in between teeth-brushing and face-washing, or a three-minute romp in the sack before the snoring strikes, you're probably good at “efficient” sex.

Resources for prolonging stamina

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Are there any good resources (i.e. books, websites, articles) that describe techniques to help men prolong their stamina during intercourse? This seems especially important if we are practicing with a partner not interested in karezza as I would still like to prolong our experience while avoiding orgasm.


Starting karezza

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I have so many questions (perhaps too much, sorry) about karezza and would like your opinions on the following questions. Also i know they are very hard to answer, but perhaps i can get some new perspective or insight:

- What do you think when the male is 10+ yo younger than the female ? Does it create in your opinion some challenge in the practice of karezza ? Do you know succesfull stories of couples or inspiring ones ?