Resources for prolonging stamina

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Are there any good resources (i.e. books, websites, articles) that describe techniques to help men prolong their stamina during intercourse? This seems especially important if we are practicing with a partner not interested in karezza as I would still like to prolong our experience while avoiding orgasm.


Starting karezza

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I have so many questions (perhaps too much, sorry) about karezza and would like your opinions on the following questions. Also i know they are very hard to answer, but perhaps i can get some new perspective or insight:

- What do you think when the male is 10+ yo younger than the female ? Does it create in your opinion some challenge in the practice of karezza ? Do you know succesfull stories of couples or inspiring ones ?

Thank you Marnia!

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My wife and I had an extra-nice session last night. It lasted around 2.5 hours and really connected; an other-worldly expression of our loving feelings for one another manifest in our physical bodies - it's quite something. Lately it seems like each session is even better than the one before although I'm not sure how that's possible. These days we fully enjoy sex, surrenduring completely to it rather than being worried about an unintentional release which rarely happens anymore.