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My wife and I had an extra-nice session last night. It lasted around 2.5 hours and really connected; an other-worldly expression of our loving feelings for one another manifest in our physical bodies - it's quite something. Lately it seems like each session is even better than the one before although I'm not sure how that's possible. These days we fully enjoy sex, surrenduring completely to it rather than being worried about an unintentional release which rarely happens anymore.


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Marnia asked me about my contentment factor.
I am addicted to receiving affection. Gary Chapman in “The 5 Languages of Love“ talks about your Love Tank: How full is it? What fills it? As an addict I have narrowed it down to one thing, affection from my wife…all of my eggs in one basket, so to speak. I accept sex as a substitute. It’s easier for me to ask for sex than affection. If we have sex, orgasmic or not, I am stoned/high for 3-4 days then I start to slip into depression.