Had another orgasm after a nice night of karezza. Disappointing but also enlightening

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So I lied a little bit that our nice night was completely karezza- hence why I had an orgasm at the end of it. But regardless I learned some important stuff, or rediscovered it if you will.

One, when my needs of karezza are met, I am willing and interested in playing other sexual games or doing something for my partner that they would like. When I don't have a nice dose of PIV, I don't feel connected and not very interested or happy about doing other sexual favors.

Does Karezza heal aversion to arousal?

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I have had issues with arousal since the day I began being sexually active, ten years ago. Having slower sex has helped me achieve having orgasms- ironically- but now I realize I don't even want them because of the emotional side effects related. So Karezza is the current path, regardless..

Karezza as a Spiritual Path

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There was a point while a teenager when I actually experienced a conscious turning point. I was sitting in my room, bummed out about losing a girlfriend – when suddenly, in a flash, the thought occurred to me that I wanted to “know” the truth of who I am. I remember distinctly writing it down in my journal, “I’ve been here for over 16 years and I’m ready to know the truth…I’ll find out and then I’m going to come back and remember.”

Changes for Good

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I really appreciate the ability of couples who are escaping orgasm for several months. I and my wife used to engage orgasmic sex after every four weeks just before my wife's period. Now, my wife is pregnant for 7 months and we didn't need to have this 4 weeks limit. But I couldn't go more than 6 weeks so far. We had our last orgasm yesterday after around 35-37 days I think. I started to feel horny constantly and it was getting too hot during lovemaking. Eventually we both went for mutual orgasms. With my dear wife pregnant, many things has changed for the last several months.

Karezza, Meditation, and Valley Orgasm

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During a meditation session this morning, I felt what I would consider a mild valley orgasm. It was similar to what I felt during Karezza yesterday. It was not as strong, it was much more subtle. But, it was there. And, my 'inner sight' showed me sharper, more detailed shapes than what I typically see during meditation.

Maybe it is a peek at what is called 'bliss' in the various meditation things that I have read over the years. I have no strong sense on this, as I do not 'religiously' follow a particular meditation path.

Hi all

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I hope all of you are doing well. I have been bit busy lately. My wife is now 7 months pregnant with our third child. Though it was not planned but we are very happy about it. Our version of karezza and my wife's irregular taking of birth pills didn't seem to work. But, karezza seems to work perfectly to make love with my wife during pregnancy. Our intimate, almost static and non-orgasmic karezza lovemaking really suit fine with her condition. I think our love, understanding, chemistry and responsibility towards each were never such great. My other two lovely children are doing fine.