For those that have practiced karezza for awhile, did you stop having wet dreams?

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I am currently single, male, doing nofap, and quite frequently have wet dreams.

I was just curious for those in karezza relationships, do you still have wet dreams? Or did karezza harmonize and balance your sexual energy eliminating or diminishing your wet dreams?

Thanks. :)

Alan Watts discusses sexual-spiritual technique

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A forum member shared this audio file of Watts discussing his take on karezza and Chinese sexual practices. From the person who sent the link:

I timestamped it for you around the most relevant part. But before and after that timestamped area is pretty relevant too. At 43:55 he says the word "karezza".

My first entry

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From the moment I became sexually active, I knew that there weren't a whole lot of benefits to orgasms for me (teen me would think - "well let's not do that again because I feel very lousy now"), but they were addictive and it took me many years to seriously consider what I would do about this issue.

Hi everyone long time. :) and I think I personally had karezza like sex tonight unintentionally..

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Hey everyone.. been over a year.. and in that time I got pregnant again and now have a 3 month old girl :) oops. But a good oops. We are hopefully done. My partner is considering a vasectomy.. guys have any tips on that? Anyways

This was posted on Reddit

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Husband: “Kindly instruct me as to how many times a man may have copulation with his wife.”

Socrates: “Only once in his life.”

Husband: “But if that fails to satisfy him?”

Socrates: “Then he can have copulation once a year.”

Husband: “But if that too doesn’t satisfy him?”

Socrates: “Then let it be once a month.”

Husband: “And if he is still not satisfied?”

Socrates: “Then let it be twice a month, but this will cause an early death.”

Karezza sex is the key to a passionate love life. Find out what it's all about

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Here's the newest thing everyone's buzzing about: Karezza sex! What exactly is this and how will it spice up your sex life? Read on!

The rules are laid out pretty loud and clear — When it comes to sex, having orgasms is the ultimate goal every couple has. And that is the shortcoming (pun intended) of the way we perceive sex. Much like life, sex isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.

Is VICTORIAN sex the key to a more passionate love life? (The Daily Mail)

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Is VICTORIAN sex the key to a more passionate love life? Controversial technique from the 19th century promises to improve any relationship

  • The practice of karezza encourages a focus on intimacy rather than orgasm 
  • The phrase, which is taken from the Italian word for 'caress', was coined by Chicago obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Alice Bunker Stockham in 1896
  • By not having a 'finish line' couples will experience sexual energy for longer

Could this Victorian sex move revitalise your sex life?

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Sometimes in a relationship, sex can get a little stale.

It’s perfectly normal, but as a sex writer the number one question I get asked is ‘how do I get those first time feelings back?’ The honest truth is that you can’t. There’s no way of making things totally new again. But there are plenty of ways of making them deeper, more passionate and more exciting than ever before. And isn’t that just as good?