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We are trying hard to maintain a nice and safe area for people to share and learn.
Most notably, we often have to deal with spammers who register and post in these forums to promote gambling and pornographic web sites.

However, we are not always aware of everything that occurs within this site. We rely on you to repport any activity by any member that you would consider abusive. Please send us a mail or send us a private message and we'll promptly investigate the matter and deal with abuse.

Can Vibrators Cause "Dead Vagina Syndrome"?

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Sex therapists are often quick to insist that vibrator use is just great for women. However, there's growing anecdotal evidence that vibrators are actually "supernormal stimuli," which cannot be matched by human partners. For some users, this spells a decline in sexual responsiveness and pleasure during intercourse with a partner.

It's official - "Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder" is now in the World Health Org's diagnostic manual

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CSBD is an umbrella term that can be used to diagnose people struggling with porn addiction and sex addiction.

The ICD-11 is the most recent edition of the WHO's International Classification of Diseases, used by doctors worldwide. No doubt the DSM-5 (the mental health manual often promoted/used in the States...because the APA makes money from holding its copyright) will have to follow suit...eventually.

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