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Two thoughts

Submitted by ontheflipside on

I used porn and masturbation as a source of relief when I was stressed. I noticed this the other day when I was working on a difficult problem at home and hit a breaking point. A few months ago I would have said "forget it", searched for some porn, and spent the next hour looking at site after site, trying to find that perfect scene/girl/whatever (none of which exist) while I jerk off. But this time I caught myself before I even started. I'm glad I recognize one of my triggers.

A Virus/Cancer

Submitted by ComplexCasio on

This thing,...this world of porn and masturbation to satisfy our desires is like a virus. It's not unlike a cancer either, but a cancer can be removed. A cancer is manifested through an imbalance in specific areas of the body. This thing is a cancer and a virus. The virus' functions serve to take over your whole being, little by little, thought by thought, until it infects your unconscious part of who you are. It even lies dormant for a while, lurking beneath the surface, just waiting until you activate it with some syntax of operation that used to trigger those feelings.

Just letting you know

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Submitted by Marnia on

that I will soon be changing the order of the links on the left side of the site. Karezza links will be first. So those of you interested in "Rebalancing" posts (also ALL posts") will have to click the second link once I make the change.

Also, check out the videos you haven't seen on the front page: The one called "Quew" may be of interest to men especially.


Question for forum members

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Submitted by Marnia on

"All Recent Posts" is now "Recent Rebalancing Posts." It will soon be dropping below "Recent Karezza Posts," so karezza visitors can easily find the new posts relevant to Karezza, without wading through the challenges of rebalancing. The "Recent Rebalancing Posts" will always include ALL posts.

I'm thinking of limiting the third column of video clips to the first page of the site so it doesn't get in the way. Any thoughts on that?