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spice up your boring life (triggers?)

Submitted by freedom on

This is dis-inspiration. Perhaps humor is the place. The image is from a Craigslist ad titled "spice up your boring life."

My guess is this link will stop working soon. It's a man on his back with a woman in reverse cowgirl. He's got a laptop on his chest with some form of porn on it. We might as well just get real dolls.


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A very common pattern in my life is to get caught up in the politics of other couples and feeling beat up rather intensely as I struggle to get some distance from the woman (and calm the man's fears). I think it's related to the ease with which I can connect with women at their level (Head/ Heart) and the difficulties I have connecting with most men. It also has connections to the very poor foundation I had in being mothered in very early youth. I seem to be unconsciously trying to correct it.

Me and My Anger

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The last week has been a pretty intense journey through anger for me. I decided to hibernate all weekend because of it. I think it was triggered by a couple of very positive events that left me longing for more. It eventually morphed into a generalized hatred of all people. When I was sane enough to see if I could identify my needs they were related to protection from violence and basic support for survival needs.

Women and anger

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I ran across a rather intriguing documentary (see: of a Ukrainian feminist group called Femen recently. They are unique in that they attract attention by having their most attractive members remove their shirts in protest. I found it intriguing because they describe their approach as using their breasts as "weapons". It's about the most obvious expression of feminine sexualized anger that I've seen yet.

Poor service

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Obviously, our host is still having major issues, and service is unsatisfactory. We're hampered by the fact that we're out of town, but are still considering options for sorting the situation out. Thanks for your patience.

Two thoughts

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I used porn and masturbation as a source of relief when I was stressed. I noticed this the other day when I was working on a difficult problem at home and hit a breaking point. A few months ago I would have said "forget it", searched for some porn, and spent the next hour looking at site after site, trying to find that perfect scene/girl/whatever (none of which exist) while I jerk off. But this time I caught myself before I even started. I'm glad I recognize one of my triggers.