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[article] Watching Porn is Making Men Unable to Have Sex in Real Life

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Watching porn is making men unable to have sex in real life
Ashitha Nagesh for 14 May 2017 6:44 pm
Watching porn is making men unable to have sex in real life
It leads to severe psychosexual issues (Picture:

Watching too much porn can leave men unable to get an erection when with real life partners.

New research has found that excessive pornography viewing can cause serious psychosexual problems in men – most commonly erectile dysfunction.

"Good sex can leave men with DEPRESSION - and it's called post-coital dysphoria"

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Not surprisinly, I think the observed symptoms have more to do with orgasm than with "coitus," and I can't get the researcher quoted in the piece to consider that possibility.]

It seems men can find sex as unfulfilling as women but they’ve been keeping this guilty secret to themselves for years

The traditional version of sex is that the man has a good time no matter what, then turns over and begins to snore, oblivious of his partner.

Sex helps lower inflammation in older adults

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Biomarkers of Inflammation Mediate an Association Between Sexual Activity and Quality of Life in Older Adulthood



Inflammatory processes underlie biological mechanisms responsible for age-related disease and quality of life. Psychological stress can activate acute-phase reactants associated with inflammation, and sexual activity can assist in the management of stress.