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An unconventional and surprising friend came into my life

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So, I had to break it off w a girl..

Initially she txted me alot then stopped txting altogether almost. So I confronted her about it and we had a falling out...

Then a few months later I just decided to txt her, see how she was doing. It was literally a one thing led to another night..

She came over and I told her she could stay in the guest room. After a little while she came to my room to snuggle. Then, after a while, we kissed and eventually sex. She was apologizing about the way she treated me before and also saying she hadn't been w anyone else...

The ONION spoofs the new "female viagra"

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flibanserinThe FDA recently approved the sale of Flibanserin, a pink pill intended for women diagnosed with low sex drive; critics have questioned the pill’s effectiveness, while advocates are praising the move toward supporting both men and women with these sexual issues. Here are some of the most common questions about Flibanserin:

Other cycles

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I've got a question for the community at large, but in particular Marnia & Gary. As I've learned more about the science behind the passion cycle I've grown curious as to what other activities have their own physiological cycles. I've learned all about the reboot from cannabis and sex subjectively but I've noticed that other activities also have their own cycles. I'm most curious about the relationship between dopamine and exercise.

Sperm production is costly, crickets show

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cricketMONASH U. (AUS) — The production of sperm is more biologically taxing than previously thought, a new study with crickets proves. In research published in the journal PLoS ONE, Damian Dowling of Monash University and Leigh Simmons, a professor at the University of Western Australia, have investigated the trade-off between sperm quality and immunity.

Semen encourages pregnancy in non-obvious ways too

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Semen has controlling power over female genes and behaviour

THERE’S more to semen than sperm. In many animals, seminal fluid alters both the bodies and sometimes even the behaviour of females. Human semen, too, triggers changes in the uterus, and might have wider effects on women, aimed at just one goal.

Dogs Follow Cues Better When They Are Loved, Study Finds

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dogLike humans, dogs release more oxytocin when they are happy, and it helps them perform tasks better.

Researchers in Australia have discovered that dogs follow cues better after they were given oxytocin, which means humans have to make them feel loved if they want their dogs to listen to them.

Crowdfunding Campaign for New Male Contraception Method

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The Male Contraception Initiative (MCI) is a non-profit org dedicated to promoting development of new male birth control methods. They have a crowdfunding campaign for one new method at

MCI's website (linked at the above web page) presents information about five different methods, including one called the Clean Sheets Pill. Check it out!