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From the other room, she Izzy is more a mumbler these days.
Me: You think you'll wear the antique dress?
She: I think I'll wear my (shoe) inserts
Always confirm your beliefs!

My favorite joke from a birthday card Izzy's brother gave me, best when performed live with 2 elder friends. Three guys walking on a beach:
First guy: It's windy today
Second: No, I think it's Thursday
Third: Me too, let's get a beer!

Regular sex among over-50s found to help fight dementia, study says

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This study is actually very weak, and is not well designed as far as the interests of this forum go. It mixes intercourse and masturbation (in its definition of "sex") for starters. And subjects only had to have had sex once in the last 12 months to be included. And it did nothing to rule out the obvious question of which way causation runs. That is, one would expect younger healthier folks to have more sex...because they are healthier and more vigorous. So the headlines about this rather weak finding of an association are irresponsibly exaggerated. ("Fight dementia?" Really??

‘Post-sex blues’ hit nearly half of women

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sad womanNearly half of women have experienced "post-sex blues", QUT research has found. Postcoital dysphoria (PCD), characterised by tearfulness, a sense of melancholy or depression, anxiety, agitation or aggression following sexual intercourse, had been experienced by 46 per cent of surveyed women at some point in their lives.

Researchers find romantic kissing is not the norm in most cultures

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- For generations, passionate kisses immortalized in movies, songs and the arts have served as a thermometer of romantic affection.

But current research has found that not only is romantic kissing not the norm in most cultures, some find it uncomfortable and even flat-out repulsive.