Norman Doidge on pornography and neuroplasticity - worthwhile reading

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These pages of this recent book (The Brain That Changes Itself) by psychiatrist Norman Doidge are very relevant to porn addiction, and also, if you keep reading, to how and why oxytocin (connection with others) can help reset the brain:

Increasing number of sexual partners decreases ability to ‘pair bond’?

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It’s often been said on this website and elsewhere that as a woman increases her partner count, her ability to pair bond decreases. However, I’ve noticed a significant flaw with this, as from this study, an increase in sexual partners generally correlates with decreased likelihood of divorce:

If sexual desire is caused by the dominance of the parasympathetic nervous system...

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Are there any quick and safe ways to activate the sympathetic nervous system, which should reduce the influence of the parasympathetic nervous system and therefore reduce sexual desire?

Apologies if what I describe isn’t exactly how the nervous system in the human body actually works, I’m not an expert in this field. Usually, when one thinks of the sympathetic nervous system, one thinks of stress and tension, but I’m sure there is a relaxing way of activating the sympathetic nervous system, in harmony with the body so not to cause stress.

What is this forum’s thoughts of Vitex agnus castus for single men?

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The use of natural anaphrodisiacs have been occasionally mentioned throughout these forums, but usually in regard to men who watch pornography too much. I don’t have that issue, but I am a single man and I have heard the herb vitex agnus castus has been traditionally used to reduce sexual desire.

I’ve already tried all the breathing exercises, meditation, yoga positions mentioned on this forum which suppose to lower sexual desire, but none of them work.

Painful breakup

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My girlfriend and I had been together for a little over a year and a half before recently breaking up about a week ago. From the start of our relationship, karezza had been a sore spot. I've been a student of Gnosis for many years and know that restraining the orgasm is beneficial and healthy in so many ways. She is 21 and I'm 30. We were both each other's first sexual partner and long-term relationship, and lived together.

The friendzone

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If somehow anyone doesn’t know what the friendzone is, it’s where a woman thinks of you like a little brother and treats you as such, and seems to have absolutely no attraction for you. I used to really be cautious regarding the friend zone, so when I liked a woman, I used to make it very clear and obvious that I liked her, and I would often compliment her or if we were going somewhere together, I would get them a bar of chocolate or some flowers I picked from the forest nearby.