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This thread is a follow up from:
where we discussed the possibility for the community to sponsor a campaign to promote this web site.

There were many suggestions as to which key words could be used. You can use this thread to brainstorm ideas. Potentially, reuniting's material could cover a very wide range of topics. It would be wrong to target only "orgasm".

Some good suggestions were already offered in the above thread. What do you think? What other ideas do you have?

Beyond Oxytocin

OK - I suggested oxytocin and dopamine

what about some words around marriage breakdown?

"marriage breakdown"
"irreconcilable differences"
"internet widow"

(I'm just brainstorming here - feel free to edit)

marriage repair saving your

marriage repair
saving your marriage
making up
sleeping apart
sleeping in separate beds
getting back together
avoiding/preventing divorce
improving/repairing/rescuing your marriage/relationship
marriage counseling
frigid wife/husband/spouse
doesn't like/enjoy sex
dislikes sex
no/lost interest in sex
sexless marriage
loveless marriage
keep(ing) love alive
sleeping together
making love
sex addiction
porn addiction
addicted to porn
not enough sex
too much sex


The science of orgasms and brain chemistry
Have you noticed feeling worse after orgasm?
Do you see the need for balance in your life?
How orgasms and heroin are alike.
How to balance Yin Energy.
What if you could sure ADD without medication? (I know we don't want to say that exactly.)
Control ADD symptoms.

Few more

Hi all...newbie here. Smile Some of the these look like pretty popular searches in Google trends.

love addiction
break up/breaking up
tantra/tantric sex
spice up sex life/improve sex life
multiple orgasms
spiritual sex
sacred sex
sex after marriage
science of love