Holotropic Sexuality

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Orlin BaevOrlin Baev is a Bulgarian transpersonal psychologist who writes about sacred sexuality. Here are two essays from his E-book entitled TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY. SACRED SEXUALITY.


As a representative of the male sex, I experience sexuality through the body of a male individual. All that is said for sex by now concerns both men and women. However, there are differences in experiencing sex by both sexes. During the ordinary intercourse, mainly the man releases power, and the woman accepts it. The accent of the man is on the releasing of power, which brings him pleasure, and the accent of the woman is on the acceptance of this power, which brings her pleasure and safety - these are most frequently unconscious processes, of course. The woman obtains attention, power and joy in a concentrated form, and gives man her warm, tender love and power. If we take a mere economical look at all this, however, the percentage of mutual-exchange is about 70/30. The man releases 70% from his expansive "fiery" power, and obtains only 30% of the mild tender "water" woman’s power. Such is the natural mechanism. The sexual intercourse, the way it is understood by nature, aims the creation of children. During the intercourse, the man releases incomparably large quantity of energy, with which he creates a possibility for the woman to get pregnant and in her turn to look after the future human being for nine months.

If the aim of the couple is the creation of a child, the ordinary sexual intercourse is the most natural and beautiful work of the Nature. However, since the intercourse is not only used for the creation of children, conscious efforts are needed for the purposes of its cultivation and canalizing of its energies, so that it to serve for the overall development of the consciousness of the couple.

The woman would rather experience sex from the position of the feelings and naturally associates it with Love. The ordinary orgasms affect women more unnoticeably, but in qualitatively the same way as with men, i.e. they interrupt the love process till unfinished state and evoke unstable moods. Usually, women do not manage to make a connection between her changeable moods and her "normal" orgasms, because this process passes more mildly and implicitly in them. When she masters her orgasm, she increases the power of her experience during sex very much, intensifies her libido, optimizes her hormonal balance, and learns to realize, increase and master the power of her sexual drive by connecting it to Love. Love, experienced during such a mastered intercourse goes even beyond the most powerful falling in love, which she has ever experienced.

As a rule, men experience sex from the position of the sexual drive, the power. Holotropic sexuality evokes harmonic mutual exchange within the couple. The man limits his loss of power through abstention from ejaculation, learns to be sensitive towards the power of his partner and to a deeper mutual-exchange. The harnessed energy makes his consciousness bloom in the deep transpersonal experiences of love and unity.

Within the couple that practices holotropic sexuality, the energy exchange passes harmonically - 50%/50%. The mastered orgasm develops the sensitiveness and the power of the couple to unknown for them height.



Holotropic means "directed towards the whole". In this sense "Holotropic Sexuality" means connecting our primary drives with our higher cognition.

All kinds of occult literature came out in Bulgaria in the middle of 1990s, including books on sexual sublimation. The libido is a mighty power. In essence, it is the only power we possess. Sexual power manifests qualitatively and quantitatively through the filter of our thoughts and feelings and materializes in our behavior. Sexual power is human energy, his/her vitality. It is the vibration that gives power and will to live and create. It makes a man to fall in love with a woman, and the woman to strive towards the man, it moves and inspires the writer’s pen and the painter’s brush. It makes intellect clear, bright and insightful and intuition powerful and deep. This power gives life and youth to everyone who possesses it. Its presence means youth and joy, its absence - old age and sickness. The wise men say that at birth each one acquires a definite vitality, which determines his/her longevity and prosperity in life. They claim that there are individuals who can keep and develop this power so that the process of getting old can be overcome. This is some kind of internal alchemy. Happy is the individual who can preserve even in his/her old age vitality enough to keep his/her mind, intellect and feelings healthy and working! The mental energy is the foundation of all human virtues bringing happiness and harmony to the individual and society. Behind Love, Patience, Humility, Joy, Quiet Mind, Self-Confidence, Courage, Kindness and Humanity, Selflessness and Freedom of Spirit, behind Brotherhood and Compassion, behind all intellectual achievements and the light of human Wisdom there stands the Internal Power. If the individual or society loses part of this power or degrades its quality, the inevitable result is losing all qualities, characterizing mankind as such and in the first and most important place, Joy, Joy of Life. And since Nature does not tolerate emptiness, when one debases his/her internal power as a result of disharmonious way of life, feelings and thoughts, an abyss opens wide within him/her, filling in quickly with characteristics, feelings and thoughts that are contrary in nature. An obvious example is the society we are living in, filled with terror, hate, aggression and cruelty, greed and selfishness, despair and depression, anxiety, limited thinking and ignorance. How can one control the urge of his/her impulses and cultivate his/her sexual power so that it fuels the advance and development of his/her spiritual power? In the usual case, one is completely controlled by his/her impulses - immediately after irritation he/she urges to satisfy them and get free from the tension. But, exactly this tension can lead him/her through the river of oblivion; make him/her crack the nutshell of ignorant blind and limited existence so that he/she to be born again as a True man and a Universal citizen. I am speaking metaphorically and literally. Love and Will, which at conscious human level are unified, in this case, they manifest themselves as the polarities of lust and hate, libido and mortido, sexual and aggressive impulses, as psychology defines them.

Psychologists know well that libido power is the foundation of all human manifestations - from the most basic to the highest ones. Suppression of this power leads to progressive mental disorders, psychopathologies, perversions, neuroses and psychoses. Giving out to the libido impulses also leads directly to degradation of the quality of one’s emotional and cognitive life, of his/her ability to love, think and anticipate, to feel joy and enlightened consciousness; it leads to brutalization and mental weakness (psychastenia)! How then that sexual power to be mastered if both suppression and giving out to its impulses lead to devastation? How can a conscious human being react, when striving towards self-knowledge, development of his/her cognitive abilities, creative impulses and love? My personal painful experience of devotion to both extremities has taught me that neither suppression and denial of that power, nor complete surrender to its impulses is the optimal attitude towards it. The process that succeeds in channeling and mastering this power so that to serve the development and progress of our souls is called Sublimation. Sublimation is a term known from chemistry and physics, where a substance turns from solid into gas state under high pressure and temperature. The term is introduced in modern psychology by Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung and it, like many other terms of theirs, has penetrated semantically into every language on Earth. Synonyms of sublimation are:

  • Transformation
  • Spiritual Graft - Grafting (the Master Beinsa Douno and the Master Michail Ivanov)

  • Reframing (a term of the Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

  • Transfiguration (a religious term)

  • Reforming

  • Transmutation

  • Metamorphosis

The last two terms: Transmutation and Metamorphosis are superb equivalents of an advanced sublimation, which brings forth processes known to Transpersonal Psychology as Samadhi, awakening...

Ten years ago, after reading the books on Tao Yoga by the American citizen of Chinese origin Mantak Chia, as well as some Tantric methods, I began actively to test and practice the methods, described in those books - micro and macro orbit, inner smile, bone and skin breathing, merging of the five elements, sperm-and-ovum Cung Fu, formation of the inner pearl and its formation into a body of light... I can’t claim that during these ten years I have advanced much in these methods - but I do not stop trying. The purely Chinese approach of very specific, too detailed description and mapping of the steps of the alchemical process is a practical key, which can be used by each school for inner development. As Kabala, and particularly the Tree of Life, is a universal key, which can unlock the doors to understanding each esoteric school, so the practices of Tao and Hindu Yoga are practically a master-key to the doors of inner self-knowledge, which is the aim of all transpersonal psychological systems. In the beginning the practices correspond to a budding consciousness and are psycho-physical methods. Later on, when these methods are mastered and automated, the practices raise to a higher psycho-spiritual level, where the role of intuition, abilities to pray, visualize, concentrate, meditate and contemplate is enormous.

Physical Technique for Sexual Sublimation

The physical technique for sexual sublimation (sexual grafting) consists of wilful mastering of orgasm during sexual act and its redirecting from the lower centers towards the brain and subsequent descending again to the lower centers. In other words, the above mentioned sublimation and condensation is practiced. Sublimation of the power of the instinctive drive to love and light, followed by their condensation and getting back to their impulsive basis, which is thus mastered and cultivated. At the purely physical level the process consists of drawing of the pressure from the lower centers towards the brain with the help of certain muscular contractions, deep breathing in with the upper part of the lungs, directing the eyes upwards between the eye-brows and the top of the head, and focusing of the attention upwards. Supposedly, one who tries these techniques should have certain experience in the theory and practice of the sciences about the mind, be able to concentrate, feel his/her inner energy, and has practiced breathing and meditation. The main instrument of directing the energy of orgasm towards the top of the head is attention and thinking. After some period of practice, it is enough just to draw attention towards the top of the head, looking upwards and breathing in lightly, in order to redirect the energy. But, if one is not experienced, the main factor for stopping the discharge of sperm and directing this energy inwards and upwards, are the muscle contractiosn and deep breathing in. The muscle lockages are a method in yoga called badhas, while in Tao Yoga they are called pumps. In Hindu Yoga this method is called bandha traya, triple lockage, and in Tao practice - the triple pump.

The Triple Bandhas:

  • Mulla Bandha - contraction of the muscles of the buttocks and the perineum
  • Udiana Bandha - contraction or sucking inward of the diaphragm

  • Jalandhara Bandha - contraction of the larynx together with the muscles of the neck with chin down.

A Brief Description of the Practice:

We are making sex with our beloved. We feel that just a little while longer and orgasm could not be controlled in no way. We stop the sperm discharge through pullingg the power, but we experience complete orgasm - this is when 95-99% of the "normal" orgasm has been accomplished. We stop penetration and go out of our beloved. We feel that though we are out, the energy continues to rush down and if we don’t do something, the semen, or tigle as the Tibetans call it, will flow out. The next elements that we do simultaneously are the following:

- We direct our fully concentrated attention towards the top of the head. This is the most important element of the technique and in the course of time when the process gets more and more automated, this remains the only thing we need do in order to redirect the pressure upwards. The power of orgasm violently draws the attention down so that it is important to have steady, determined and strong concentration!

- We direct the eyes up between the eye-brows and the inner vision towards the top of the head - in the course of practice, it turns out that the energy follows the mind, and the eyes are direct manifestation of mind (thinking). Directing them to a certain point leads to flowing of the energy into that direction.

- We deeply inhale once with the middle and upper part of the chest. Usually yoga techniques recommend deep abdominal breathing, but in this practice a quick, comparatively deep and directing the energy upwards inward breathing is required. When we breathe-in and keep the air in, the energy automatically goes up, incited by the process of inner passion, nurtured by breathing. When we get short of breath, we exhale and breathe in again, meanwhile performing also the rest of the technique, until we master the orgasm.

- We do bandha traya, triple lock - it is especially important at the beginning of learning the technique and always when we have come too close to releasing the semen. Let us describe in detail the three bandhas, which we perform at one and the same time:

  • Mulla Bandha - we strongly contract the muscles of the buttocks and perineum. For information, the muscles of the perineum are those that can suspend urinating by will. Then we relax and contract again at intervals of one to three seconds together with the other two bandhas. The pressure is sensibly rushed upwards.
  • Udiana Bandha - while we have inhaled, concentrated the attention and the eyes upward, together with mulla bandha, we rhythmically and strongly contract the muscles of the abdomen as if we are doing crunches - powerfully and strongly. The difference from the crunch is that this practice is done with inhaled air. This is a modification of the original udiana bandha, which is done with exhaled air and sucking the diaphragm in. Here, as we have mentioned, we firstly breathe in quickly and deeply, and afterwards we practice the bandha without sucking the abdomen wall in, but contracting it. We pulsate simultaneously with mulla bandha.

  • Jalandhara Bandha - together with breathing-in, concentrating the attention and eyes upwards, and performing the other two bandhas, we lower the chin inwards toward the throat well, we swallow and keep the swallower and the larynx shut, i.e. we fix them in a swallowing position, without releasing, and contract in pulsation, together with the pulsations of the other two bandhas, the muscles of the throat and the back side of the neck. The contraction should be again energetic and strong.

During the practice we might need aid the process and together with the bandhas, the inhalation, the concentration of the attention and eyes upwards, we contract also the muscles of the legs, the fists and the jaws.

While inhaling, the eyes and attention are immovably fixed - the breathing-in with extended chest, the attention and the eyes looking towards the top of the head, bandha traya is practiced with strong and even pulsations, which force the energy upwards and inwards.

Attention: if we have reached too close to the moment of releasing tigle (the semen), the moment of passing from inhibition in one of the pulsations to relaxing and next pulsation may be fatal for the semen releasing. That is why, in such cases, you deeply breathe in, relentlessly directing the look and eyes upwards and perform bandha traya without pulsations once and prolonged, intensively for about ten seconds, until the orgasm is under control. Then breathing gets to normal.

The control over ejaculation leads to much more joy in the act and experiencing a sequence of orgasms, as well as to keeping an orgasm for a couple of minutes. ....

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