How to Talk to Your Son About Porn

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Audiobook coverThis is a three-part YOUTube series we helped create, based on the audiobook, Things You Didn't Know About Porn.

It's an unsettling fact that by age 11 most boys have been subjected to pornographic images. Yet few materials on the subject address such a youthful audience. If you're a parent, it can be surprisingly difficult to find a good way to discuss pornography. You don't want your child to see sex as "forbidden" or "dirty," but no matter how sex-positive you are, you sense that porn isn't the best way to gain a sex education.

Scientifically based and non-religious, Things You Didn't Know About Porn describes some potential pitfalls of porn use in simple, easy to understand terms. It draws a parallel between junk food and porn, and explains why these activities have the potential to "train" the brain, and become unhealthy habits. This lets youngsters make more informed choices about all potentially addictive substances and activities.

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How to talk to your son about porn

Thanks so much Marnia for posting this information! I've been trying to figure out a comfortable way to bring up the topic of porn with my 16 year-old son and was just stuck. Don't know why I find it so uncomfortable to talk about sex with my own children, but I'm hoping this provides him with some useful info with a lot less discomfort for both of us. If it helps break the ice so that we can have a meaningful conversation that would be an added benefit!

*fingers crossed*

Yes, that's the idea: to provide a framework that gets parents and sons talking. Without a reasonable understanding of how the brain and sex interact, it's really hard to have the necessary discussion. And it's certainly needed now that kids are surrounded by superstimulating sexual stuff from so early on.

Let me know how it goes.