June, 2009 Humor

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Today's overstimulating media is taking its toll...but resulting in some very humorous, thoroughly tasteless, social commentary.


Chassidic Shitach Maker

man shrugging

A good Chassidic family was concerned that their 30-year-old son was still unmarried so they asked the marriage broker to find him a good wife. The broker asked many questions as to what they wanted in the proper woman.

When he found them a woman, he visited them again. 'She's the right age, she keeps a Glatt Kosher home, she regularly attends synagogue, she knows the prayers by heart, she's a wonderful cook, she loves children and wants a large family, and, to cap it off, she's gorgeous.'

The family was impressed and quite excited about the prospects of a wedding in the near future. But the son inappropriately asked, 'Is she good in bed?' A hush fell over the room. All eyes fell on the marriage broker.

Finally, he answered, 'Some say yes... some say no!'