March, 2009 Humor

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"You Can Thank Biology" I

cartoon depicting recent research about women's choices in mates


"You Can Thank Biology" II

In India, the ground horn of a rhino is reputed to be a powerful aphrodisiac. A very rich older Indian gentleman went to his local apothecary to get some of this stuff.

He explained that he was expecting three beautiful women for an evening and night of "entertainment" and he wanted to be able to keep up, as it were.

He asked for a pound of ground rhino horn powder to increase his libido. The apothecary proprietor gasped and remarked that it took just a fraction of that amount to get the desired results and that it was very expensive.

"Price is no object," said the man, "Wrap it up. I want to take no chances."

The next day, this same man came into the apothecary, hardly recognizable. His eyes were bloodshot, his face flushed, his back and shoulders stooped, and his hands shaking as he made his way to the counter. The proprietor was quite taken aback.

"My God, man, you look AWFUL! What on earth happened to you?"

The man replied, unzipping his pants, "You think I look awful - take a look at this!"

He pulled out his penis which was raw and bleeding.

"I came here for some Ben-Gay." he said.

The proprietor was horrified.

"If you put Ben-Gay on that, it will burn like a thousand fires!"

The man hastily replied,

"Oh it's not for my penis - it's for my arm. The girls never showed up."

dog humping goose