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The Karezza Method

or Magnetation: The Art of Connubial Love

The Karezza Method title page

The Lover is the Artist in Touch

Karezza in the perfect form is natural marriage — that clinging, satisfied union of body and soul which true love ever craves and in which ideal marriage consists — and with every repetition of the act the lovers are remarried, their unity renewed, deepened, intensified.

Privately Printed for the Author, 1931
William Lloyd, Roscoe, Calif.


  1. Preface
  2. Poem: Soul-Blending
  3. What is Karezza?
  4. Magnetation
  5. Cleanness
  6. Sex and Soul
  7. When Sex Satisfies
  8. Duality and Spirituality in Sex
  9. Sex-Commerce and the Elixir of Life
  10. The Wine of Sex
  11. The Karezza Method
  12. The Woman's Part in Karezza
  13. The Woman's Time of Great Desire
  14. Does Woman Need the Orgasm?
  15. The Woman's Shock
  16. Psychic Impotence
  17. Karezza the Beautifier
  18. The Danger of Excess
  19. Final Considerations
  20. Appendix