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Let there be light.Karezza title page

Man is a trinity of spirit, soul and body. Spirit is the source or God-life of man from which all proceeds. Soul is spirit in action, and embraces all that is recognized as individual, personal existence. Soul includes the intellect, the emotions and the sensations. It is the thinking, loving, living realm of man. From the Spirit through conscious training one is capable of developing unlimited forces and possibilities. Soul looks within, to the All, for life, knowledge and power which it expresses without, through the physical. As thought precedes action, so nothing can appear or manifest itself in the body that has not been conceived or thought of in the soul. Soul may recognize spirit as a governing principle, or it may look out through the senses for material manifestations, depending only upon symbols for its concept of life.

Voluntarily and consciously man may choose between these two roads, - the spiritual or material. In his philosophy, he may recognize that all power and all life are from and of the Spirit; or, he may attribute all development, all growth, all evolution to matter.

In the spiritual view, recognizing the divine principle as an ever present, active energy, as life and intelligence operating through the soul upon matter, one comes to conclusions that make all of life's problems less difficult.

Creative energy, expressing through the sexual nature an instinct to perpetuate life, has its origin in, and is coexistent with life itself. It is the power back of all purposes and plans. It is the self-impelling force that gives the ability to do and perform. It is the origin of all activities of child life. It is the inventive genius and impelling factor of all man's handiwork - the thought force of mechanics and machinery.

Both the macrocosms and microcosms of the universe are expressions of the law of life, instinctively put forth by creative energy. This force operates in the multiplication of atoms, in the drawing the pollen upon the stigma; in the attraction of sperm to germ cells. It is the segregation and aggregation of all molecules of matter, founded on the duality of sex.

The processes of growth and fulfillment of functions are propelled by this omnipresent energy of spirit, which is inherent in, and operative through, all nature. It is back of the physical life of man and other animals, and expresses itself through them. Only when it comes with the strong voice of life demanding perpetuation, is it especially a manifestation of the sex nature - a fulfillment of the law of growth, development and of increase. Atoms, cells and plants, are unconscious of this life force, and animals conscious only in a small degree.

Man not only has consciousness of this energy, but through his intelligence is capable of developing greater consciousness of its operation and the law governing it. He knows that he knows, and in this knowledge lies his superiority over the brutes.

This recognition and knowledge makes it possible for man to train this creative potency in all life's purposes and uses. From the inception of the bud of life to its fructifying stage, man may be the master and maker of conditions. There is no karma for him that is not within his own power to mold and make; no passion to usurp authority, no desire that he may not guide and direct. The perfectness of his nature is evolved through the recognition, direction and appropriation of the creative energy, the occult forces of life.

Sexual science based upon this theory teaches that there are deeper purposes and meanings to the reproductive faculties and functions, than are generally understood and taught.

In the physical union of male and female there may be a soul communion giving not only supreme happiness, but in turn conducing to soul growth and development. There may, also, be a purpose and power in this communion, when rightly understood, not less significant than the begetting of children. Creative energy in man is manifold in its manifestations, and can be trained into channels of usefulness. Consciously it may be utilized in every activity, devising, inventing, constructing. It may be directed to building bodily tissue and permeating every cell with health and vigor. Sex in nature is universal, progressing from lower to higher manifestations of life, it is more distinctive as male and female.

Sexual instinct or passion is a sure sign of seed germination; it is an indication that life may be perpetuated, and that the entire man or woman is in preparation for the culmination of being. It is not an instinct or power either to be ignored or destroyed. Its perversion means physical and spiritual degeneracy.

Seed production is the goal or highest function of tree or plant, and procreation is the complete or ultimate manifestation of man's life. Reproduction is the fulfillment of divine law.

In the plant and in the tree the life principle fulfills the law of its being in bearing seed. Its manifestation in man is procreation, reproducing another of its kind. Passion is the instinct for the preservation of one's kind, the voice and the sign of creative power. The highest mission in the rose-life is to produce seeds, but on its way it gives beautiful blossoms and fragrant perfume. It may not always be able to fulfill its highest mission, but it can express creative power on its way to fulfillment - to the production of seeds. Man, too, expresses creative life in many ways besides that of parenthood. He preaches a sermon, writes a book, invents a machine. Woman writes a Battle Hymn of the Republic, or makes a loaf of nutritious bread. In both the least and greatest things of life man gives expression to inherent creative principle.

An artist is a creator. Emerson gives the keynote when he says: "Work your passion up into poetry." So with all things, the life principle demanding fulfillment is the power on its way to accomplishment. When the signs of this creative power come throbbing and pulsating into every fibre, it only shows that one has greater ability to create than ever before. There are varied and definite appropriations for this energy.

Knowledge of the law of the spirit, gives the ability to control this power and all its signs. One becomes its master as truly as is the engineer of his engine, or the electrician of the most potent force known to man. The physical sign appearing as passion is of the spirit and not of the flesh. Treat it as the voice of power impelling one to do, to work. Say quickly, "What new work is before me? I am a creator. What shall I create?" The sign is a proof of strength and ability to do greater things than yet accomplished. Demand of the spiritual self to know what that work may be. Listen, listen to the voice; the intuition or Higher Self in the silence of the soul will give answer. Then think, plan and work for fulfillment.

Religion and philosophy are required in consecrating passion. One inspires a faith in the source of all power, the other defines man's relation to that power. Already, perhaps, the heart-life is devoted to some great work, some mission to humanity, but now include directly and specifically in this consecration creative energy, the inherent impelling, burgeoning force of life. This inherent force is so prominent in its demands, so ever-present in action and intrinsically so allied to kosmic force, that it deserves and requires a special consecration. It must be known as good and not evil, as a friend and not an enemy, as a quickening, generating power. Consciously, thoughtfully and specifically command its service. In no way does man’s dominion yield him a richer return than in control, mastery and consecration of sex energy. It is a means to achievement in any definite direction. The marvel is that as consciousness of internal strength and power develops, the physical sign disappears. The peace that follows is the peace of power.

Understanding the law, that all naturally and inherently is good, no base or ignoble thoughts of the reproductive functions can ever enter the mind. The growth, development and ripening of the human seed, becomes a sweet and sacred mystery, and may be studied as a science with the same pleasure, the same purity of thought, with which one studies plant life and all its revelations.

One finds that nature has no secrets that ever need be withheld. A striking analogy is seen in the seed cradled in the pod, the birdling in its nest, and the incipient human life lovingly protected in the mother's organism. By this pure ideal a profound reverence for all of nature's mysteries and unfathomable secrets is developed; a conservation of energies is accomplished; while through the baptizing consecration of thought, the generative organs are redeemed from the desecration of the past, and their powers and functions justly and wisely appropriated.

This conservation of power is both possible and effective for the unmarried. Through love, training and self-control, however, the married may not only attain the same conservation and appropriation but also by the union of the spiritual forces of their two souls, greatly augment them.

Love is the fulfillment of the law. Sexual love is its highest expression on the earth-plane, and sexual union is symbolical of this love. It stands as evidence of creative energy in action. Love is the impelling power, and as through affinity and attraction, a chemical union takes place between two substances producing another substance, so in a union of the sexes on the spiritual plane accomplishes results greater than could be accomplished separately. The artist has visions of new creations, the author has inspirations for new works, the inventor has new plans and models for machinery and devices. There is no limit to the power of a true soul union. It specifically increases the gift of healing and may be purposely directed to free a friend from pain and suffering.

The sexual union which is planned and controlled, becomes glorified through conscious appropriation, while new meanings and new powers are given to conjugal love. This conservation, furthermore, is a precursor and preparation for parenthood; for the conception of welcome and desired offspring that shall in turn have the inheritance of loving intention and premeditated wisdom.

As the creative potency of man becomes understood, and as this knowledge is applied, men and women will grow in virtue, in love, in power, and will gladly and naturally devote this power to the world's interests and development.