Chapter 5 - PARENTHOOD

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The desire for fatherhood and motherhood, is found and expressed in the sexual instinct which in turn evinces and is the sign of creative power. Its origin is in life itself. It is the God power, and when it comes throbbing and pulsating in every nerve, in every thought and feeling, it should be recognized as such and appropriated in a God-like manner.

The power to perpetuate the life principle is from the spiritual side of life. It is a manifestation of spirit in the flesh. Body alone cannot reproduce itself, the physical man cannot perpetuate himself, the physical woman cannot perpetuate herself. Reproduction is from and through spiritual life. It is creative energy manifested in flesh. Its fulfillment is in parenthood.

Parenthood being an expression of creative principle, and being born of the spirit, need not necessarily have its sole manifestation in the procreation of children in the flesh. It can be devoted to, and expressed in, all the great interests of the world.

The inventing, creating, organizing and systematizing qualities of the male; the patience, the carefulness, tenderness and attention to details, indeed, the brooding care of the female - all these are greatly needed in our government, in our religious and educational institutions, in all the affairs of life.

The human craving of either father or mother for offspring, may find expression in the larger, greater and all-inclusive power of Divine love, in its devotion to some great philanthropy, or in its concentration upon some altruistic work.

Parenthood, recognized as a manifestation of the Divine in man, as the highest and noblest expression of manhood and womanhood, gives a choice of appropriation either to spiritual or physical procreation. In Karezza this choice is under certain and wise control.

The desire for offspring is innate in the human heart; it is the natural expression of the creative principle; it is seed-bearing on the physical plane.

In my professional experience more women have consulted me to ascertain and overcome causes of barrenness, than have sought to prevent motherhood. Those denied the privileges and blessings of maternity usually have been borne down with great sorrow. Very few have yet learned that this maternal desire may be gratified on a higher plane through the procreation of thought and ideas, and thus give satisfaction to a natural instinct.

Physiology and pathology alike often fail to reveal the causes of barrenness, while the physician's resources and the surgeon's knife alike afford no relief. Very frequently the cause lies deeper than can be discovered by chemistry and the microscope, or remedied by probe and scalpel. The cause may lie in the occult forces, in the lack of soul or spiritual adjustment, or it may have its origin in physical excesses.

Conservation is the great secret of power. It is possible that the heart's desire for offspring may be gratified through Karezza, through wise and temperate control of the sexual impulses, a storage of life that begets life.

In Karezza men and women attain such development and fine spiritual perception that they know when a soul can be begotten, and with the great power resulting from continence quickly respond.

Many cases of sterility have been overcome even by an occasional and unsystematic temperance in the physical relation. A fruitful union frequently follows long separation of husband and wife, even though they have never had children. One may expect more certain results if the relation conforms to scientific principles.1

  • 1. Since penning the above a lady called, aged 39, who had been married thirteen years, without children. At last, however, her mother heart throbbed with happy anticipations. In conversation the fact was developed that conception had taken place immediately after a lengthy separation from her husband. Seed waste was prevented and propagation was the result. Through Karezza this seed waste can be prevented without separation, and thus the heart's longing for children be gratified.