It will take several runs at the fence to find your leap

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unionIt has been five years now of experimenting with Peace karezza in our 18-year relationship. At first my wife resented me taking away her pleasure. So I said, OK let's play with it and see what happens. Two years ago we were on the verge of divorce after having gone back entirely to standard western fucking. Then I restarted the program again in spite of resentment blocks. Staying married also depended upon taking vows very seriously and surrendering to the Universe. If there was no graceful way to split, we would not.

The compromise: Late last year we decided to have orgasms on the first of every month and on some special occasions. Now we are in our third month of squirtless loving, "because we do not want to ruin a good thing. " It takes time and experimentation. We usually stay engaged for an hour twice per week. True union is as much a spiritual effort as it is physical and mental. Our foreplay includes a half hour of tantric yoga excercises and meditation. It is scheduled for all the reasons outlined in Marnia's book. This has been discovered by experience to be truth, for us. We also end lovemaking with a mutual meditation that continues into dreamtime as we drift off.

We comment daily on how cute we appear to each other. We are in our fifties and the loving flow is ... is... beyond anything portrayed in cinema or lit. It is calm and jewel encrusted with a deep foundation. I have had opportunities to have sexual relations outside of our marriage over the last eighteen years and I do not know how I kept fidelity. Now my attitude is that nothing could ever match what is going on inside marriage. We have gone a long way and we have a long way to go. I just love how attractive we have become.

go for it


go for it again

until you get it.
then it keeps you going.