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November, 2007

The Mysterious Heart

What do the following experiences have in common?

Tonight will be the eighth or ninth exchange. I am very, very happy to say we are bonding in such a sweet way my feet are not quite reaching the ground during the day. From my perception we are experiencing love and intimacy. It's beautiful, magic, juicy, yummy! There is a huge difference from when we were going at it like rabbits. Just the way she hugs and touches me.
I could not ask for a more loving and willing partner and we laugh a lot, too! I would say that the gratitude that we each feel for this "re-connection" after 30+ years is never far from our consciousness.

...Could these people be tapping into the power of the heart? It turns out that your heart is anything but a mere pump....

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Have A Laugh at the Gender Gap

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Letters from the Trenches

Dear, precious children,

I'd like to recommend the site to you. Whenever you might get into a sexual relationship, this is something you could try. The site advocates karezza (ka-RET-sa) - sex without orgasm. One of the claimed benefits is that the couple doesn't experience an emotional rollercoaster ride. The website explains why in considerable detail. From my own experience, it makes a lot of sense.

"It it satisfying?" you might be wondering. The authors say yes. I tried it a few times during the first year I was married - for just a couple days at a time. I remember that it was very pleasant and relaxing, and I have often wished that we could have tried it for a longer time. I always ended it with an orgasm because I was worried that it might be a long time until the next opportunity to have sex, and I might get uncomfortably horny. Silly me...

I wish I had come across this website much earlier. Things might be better now if I had. If Mom ever decides to sleep with me again, I want to try this. (No, I don't plan to mention this to her anytime soon. I don't think she would listen to me long enough to understand what this is about.)

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about this, in the hopes that your relationships may turn out better than mine! Cheers, Dad


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And, in case you hadn't noticed, a short video summary of ideas presented at the "Reuniting" website is available on YOU Tube.

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Another Difference between the Sexes

by Tara Parker-Pope of the NY Times

...A study of nearly 4,000 men and women from Framingham, Mass., asked whether they typically vented their feelings or kept quiet in arguments with their spouse. Notably, 32 percent of the men and 23 percent of the women said they typically bottled up their feelings during a marital spat.

In men, keeping quiet during a fight didn't have any measurable effect on health. But women who didn't speak their minds in those fights were four times as likely to die during the 10-year study period as women who always told their husbands how they felt, according to the July report in Psychosomatic Medicine. Whether the woman reported being in a happy marriage or an unhappy marriage didn't change her risk. ...

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Magnetic Sex

In honor of The Mysterious Heart, here's an account of a way to make love that relies almost entirely on the merging of energy fields. It is one of about ten "soft styles" of lovemaking collected in the first edition of Sexual Energy Ecstasy by Ramsdale and Dorfman.

... Initially, an important part of their mission was introducing Western lovers to an alternative form of sexual energy, which they dubbed the "total relaxation orgasm," or TRO. They found it to be a healing and nurturing experience. Here's how they defined TRO:

A climax that usually requires maximum relaxation. May occur with [physical] arousal, or without arousal. It is not the same as conventional genital orgasm. Typical signs of genital orgasm, such as rapid contraction of the PC muscle, may occur, but the chief characteristic of TRO is an experience of blissful fusion. TRO may last a few seconds, several minutes, an hour or longer. TRO can occur without any genital stimulation whatsoever .... Sometimes referred to as "Tantric Orgasm" or energy orgasm. Can take place hugging while fully clothed or without any physical contact, e.g., via eye contact alone. There are literally thousands of variations. ...

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