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December, 2008

Sex addiction has devastating effects

Journalist Gail Johnson interviewed Marnia and several men from the "Reuniting" forum for this article, which looks at sex addiction in terms of brain chemistry.

....…I started using masturbation at a very early age to try and escape my feelings.…With addiction, you’re trying to run away from yourself, your fears, anxieties, sadness: whatever emotions you don’t want to feel.” ...

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Have A Laugh at the Gender Gap

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Letters from the Trenches

Know anyone struggling with porn addiction? You may want to share these thoughts on recovery from a Reuniting blogger.

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Practical Pair-bonding

What about those few exceptions to the rule: couples who are in love twenty years after marriage? Curious scientists had a look at their brain activity recently. ...

Can the rest of us achieve the same result with behavior modification using the bonding behaviors?

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Remember POIS?

"POIS" is short for "Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrome. It seems to be an extreme form of the same "passion cycle" that we believe is programmed into the mammalian brain after sexual satiety. A POIS sufferer has now created a YOUTube video to show others what POIS sufferers experience. Please share it with anyone you think may be interested. The POIS folk wish to attract attention to their plight, in hopes of finding researchers who can investigate.

Could POIS be another symptom of fragile unions, and the unhealthy desire to separate after conventional orgasm? Maybe we pair-bonders are just not cut out for either disharmony in our relationships, or isolation.

where people discuss having severe "hangovers" after orgasm (POIS - Post-orgasmic Illness Syndrome):

Fenugreek reduced my POIS symptoms 90% after ejaculation. I used fenugreek two days prior to testing and ejaculated three times in a row. Observations - The symptoms are near null but with a cost. What cost? Read carefully, the cost was a less intense orgasm...I mean *way* less intense. The sum of all three orgasms wasn't even equal to an 'O' before the fenugreek. Conclusion - Maybe people who experience POIS have more intense orgasms. I was addicted to masturbating 10 years ago because it felt so damn good. And now it feels just as good (but I chose not to be addicted by reducing 'O's). Maybe our orgasms are more intense because our bodies hormones flood during orgasms or tweak out somehow. On fenugreek my orgasms were good but not insane like usual. Fenugreek reduced the orgasm intensity and reduced my symptoms. So does orgasm intensity = POIS symptoms intensity? If so, sex could be compared to drugs or alcohol - the more intense the rush/high/orgasm, the better you feel but a worst recovery/low. Does anyone else have this experience?
Might this information be useful to anyone trying to cut back on porn use? I don't know....

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