Reuniting - April 2009 Newsletter

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April, 2009

The Octopus and the Alligator

In Hugs for Heroes we looked at what women can do to make it easier for men to practice sexual continence over the long haul. In this article we'll look at how eager partners can help their more unenthusiastic partners lower their resistance to intimacy. ...

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Have A Laugh at the Gender Gap

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Letters from the Trenches

The myth of self-sufficiency

... I've been so enthusiastic about the abstinence. I could sense exactly what was happening, and the results were/are amazing and enthralling, the most immediate and substantial results I'd ever experienced. Now, unfortunately. ... I have to report that the loneliness is physically brutal.

On the plus side, the ache of loneliness has made the awkwardness of rejection completely insignificant. ...

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Have a glimpseCPA cover at the back cover of Cupid's Poisoned Arrow.

At the link below, you can sign up to be alerted when Cupid's Poisoned Arrow comes out (June 23, 2009). Should you wish to pre-order the book, you can do so Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or through your independent local shop.

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Diana Richardson's Tantra

For years people have been recommending the work of Diana Richardson, author of The Heart of Tantric Sex. Finally, a kindly forum member posted an excerpt from her book:

Tantra is interested in non-ejaculation which is not to be confused with ejaculation control. Non-ejaculation means that the question of ejaculation never enters the picture. It is not even an issue because you are relaxing into it. This enables lovemaking to be a prolonged and satisfying exchange. On the other hand to control your ejaculation means that a strong urge to ejaculate is present and needs repressing. It then becomes an act of sheer will where the sex energy is first built up to a peak and then mental control is exerted to retract from ejaculation.

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"Can you Really Break Your Penis?"

Here's another reason to pass up vigorous lovemaking in favor of a gentler approach.

Ever since heartthrob television doctor Mark Sloan had a sexual mishap on last night's episode of TV hit show Grey's Anatomy, bloggers around the globe have been buzzing about a bizarre and horrifying condition called "broken penis syndrome". ...

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