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May, 2009

Scientists Find Pleasure Nerves

A big part of the upcoming book Cupid's Poisoned Arrow is devoted to the idea that lovers can consciously employ bonding behaviors, that is, subconscious cues, to strengthen their unions. Now scientists are discovering how soothing touch registers as rewarding.

... Our primary impulse as humans is procreation, but there are some mechanisms in place that are associated with behaviour and reward, which are there to ensure relationships continue....

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Have A Laugh at the Gender Gap

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Letters from the Trenches

Always heard that pre-cum is laden with sperm and a sure way to experience unwanted pregnancy?

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Find out what CPA coverreaders are saying about Cupid's Poisoned Arrow.

Should you wish to pre-order the book (available June 23, 2009), you can do so Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or through your independent local shop.

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Psychotherapist muses about how Lao Tzu made love

Regina Jensen, German-born psychotherapist and founder of Space of Love Magazine, writes about her experience with the benefits of lovemaking without striving for orgasm.

... I remember very clearly thinking about and questioning the benefits and after-effects of "orgasms" when I was a young woman, and deciding that I did not want to pursue that experience as a main focus of love-making, no matter how entrancing it would seem at the time. So, since I had no little booklets or ancient texts, I taught myself to "sink away" from that experience, which took me awhile. I told myself to "imagine a valley," to think "sinking" and letting go of that end-result. (I did give myself permission for a clumsy, "lost" transitioning period, because we are all a bit like conditioned ratsels, as I am fond of saying, at least our instinct-driven reflex-programmed selves.) Don't ask me what provoked me to undertake such research. But what it did for me is create a space of experience where I could discover ... how our bio-electric system can open up to another's bio-electric system (what an unromantic way to put it!) in very unexpected ways. ...

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Unhappy Aussies Blame Courts for Their Bedroom Blues

This link goes to a video and transcripts of a "Lateline" show on Australia's ABC.

Australians' sex lives under the spotlight