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So ok, I want to see what would happen if I abstained for an entire month. So far, I've gone for four days without not only orgasm, but "pulling off" as well. I regressed on the fifth day, but didn't orgasm nor ejaculate. I even went to a porn site, but I didn't watch any videos. At this point and time, I'm perfectly fine, physically. But mentally, I still seem to be looking for that sexual high when you orgasm. Is this normal? How can I stop my mind from becoming a porn and jerking-off magnet? i.e - how can I cut off that craving?

If I can make it successfully through this month, I would abstain from soloing, orgasming and ejaculating completely. I would even like to bring my partner into this slowly, but that can only happen with time. Right now, my main concern are the strong urges for porn and the craving to solo. I need to conquer those. Any ideas? Thanks :)