Doing Better with some help

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Many thanks for Jorgen (indirectly as it was a suggestion in someone else's post) but I have been really committing to a lecture series on working with the mind and creating new paradigms while shedding old beliefs. The website has lots of great articles and mp3 and the best thing is, its really just common sense and sound practical advice, nothing esoteric or mystical. Listening at night before bed and doing the exercises throughout the day is a real help. I started slipping pretty bad there, but was able to turn it around. Thanks Jorgen for that! (i dont know how to make the line through the 'o' but there are there in spirit!).

I want to be on here more but things are so busy at work these days...should calm down in a few weeks. Holidays can be rough sometimes living abroad away from family but will make the best of it! anyways, just wanted to check i will see what all of you hav been doing... : )



Happy to hear you are busy

Happy to hear you are busy with meaningful work, L4B, and that you are finding some helpful material. And that you have gotten near or partway down the slippery slop and turned around. That's probably much harder than not going down at all - so, you know you have the strength to turnaround midway. Way to go! Keep us posted on your journey.