♥Time to attack some women - give me your knowledge

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Never thought I'd go on the offensive, but this newsex gives me new hope to view romance as medicinal and not poisonous. I must undo the past learned behavior of 'ignore' 'avoid' and 'reject' (which worked 100% for its time).

I always figured if it came to learning the grits and grinds of relationships I could just submerge myself in people. With them I could work relentlessly to discover all there is to this culture's social cues and relational norms from the ground up by going so far outside my comfort zone that I can't find my way back to my old way of avoiding relationships. Ex; clubs, bars, aggressive strategy of approaching and trying new things on everyone I meet, etc.

I'm not looking for a normal woman though, nor am I looking to be 'normal' in my social behavior or courting procedures. To hell with society's expectations, most of them are unhealthy and poisonous practices; but I want to know what these expectations are and meet them in full so I can confidently charm an abnormal woman using familiar approaches and lure her away from that disharmonious world to one far more happy and of our own creation.

Any suggestions to learn mass psychology through other means or methods by which you might catalyze your learning are what I am looking for.

I applaud

your enthusiasm, but I'm not sure what you want. Many guys here comment that as they get themselves in balance their ability to read social cues improves and their natural charisma kicks in...and technique becomes pretty irrelevant.

Start a blog if you like. We'd love to hear about your explorations.