1 week today

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So today marks one week since my relapse. (I went 44 days)

It's been really easy. The worst part was getting past my guilt and disapointment of ruining my streak, but that's behind me now.

I had trouble sleeping the first 2 nights, but that has passed.

I'm slowly feeling my energy level increase as well as my overall mood

I'm curious to see if the next few weeks unfold the same way they did my first attempt.

I had a few weeks of great energy and intense optimism. Once it subsided I still felt good.

I had been in a long flatline, I think it was coming to an end at the time of the relapse. I think I basically went back info it, I haven't been getting any wood outside of weak morning wood once or twice.

Hopefully the days I had prior will make things happen a little faster, but it'll happen when it does.

I'll be returning to the gym tomorrow after a long break (for medical reasons). I can't wait.

I want to have a real relationship and have a Match account, however I have not been using it since I wanted to reboot (porn has given me some ED issues).

My original rebooting plan has been sent off course due to my slip. Obviously this isn't something you'd want to discuss with someone you just met, or at least I wouldn't.

At what point in this process would it be wise to seek out dates? I know I'll at least wait till my libido kicks in.

At what point in the reboot process have others started new relationships?


I say

get started. It takes time to pick your way through the process.

Just be careful. Dating sites can turn into click fests for ex-porn users, and do almost as much damage via endless dopamine/anticipation hits. Maybe just make it a rule to look at the main photo only, and limit your time.