Day 30 First Wet Dream Question

Submitted by Newlife on
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I'm single guy in my mid 40's; and I am addicted to MO. I was doing MO every day for a long, long time. (P is not an issue for me...except for a couple of memories of videos from 20 years ago.)

I found and read about the benefits of stopping MO. I wanted to start a new lease on life.

Among other things, abstinence from MO has given me greater energy, better mood, deeper voice, clear mind, more confidence, better results in the gym, etc. However, the cravings have been intense at times. I thought I would explode below the belt.

I have been sober for 30 days. The first couple of weeks were crazy difficult with all the cravings. I felt like I was 17 again! Man, that was hard to go through. Any little thing got my motor running.

I had my first wet dream last night. I think the first in 20 plus years. I was happy about my body relieving the pressure naturally.

The question I have all the cravings start over again since I had an O in my sleep and my tank is filling up again? If so, I need to brace myself.

Hard to say

Some guys notice nothing after a wet dream. Some notice a few ripples. For some it's really tough, but that's usually early on in a reboot.

Let us know how it goes.

Wow! 30 days. That's impressive. It's great you're seeing benefits...after all that.