Almost relapsed...still might...

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...I couldn't sleep so I turned on the computer. I didn't look at porn, didn't need to. I looked a sexually suggestive picture. Tried to go to bed after that. One thing lead to another. My fantasies are intense enough where I am going dopamine hits, real solid ones. I'm going to try an watch some Hulu, take my mind off of it.


Push through it man! The

Push through it man!

The hangover after drinking a large amount of alcohol the night before actually ended my last rebooting attempt after 70 days of abstaining...

Keep fighting, you can do it!


Get out of the house one way or another, even go for an aimless drive, yell at the traffic, sing to the radio, stop off and have a coffee, or a walk in a park!

I'm in the same spot as you

I'm in the same spot as you right now. It's a difficult day where I almost relapsed and the day isn't over. I notice that my brain is eagerly awaiting it's moment to strike again... it's really nasty, as if there's a trap waiting for me later this day..

Good point on the drinking as well. I have some occasions coming up where there is potential drinking involved. I've had nights in the past where I would wake up masturbating after going out and drinking a lot. It really triggers that urge to release sexually..