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My girlfriend and I want to try the exchanges but we can't get "clean" for 2 weeks in order to start them, we each take a turn going over the edge ( or occasionally both at the same time) she is suggesting that we have intercourse but one of us be an "orgasm guardian" but this has not worked so well ..... I have suggested that we just start the exchanges to get through an orgasm free 2 weeks and then start again as the begining of the 3 weeks ? any suggestions????

also - is there an experience that this leads to that is ""orgasmic" in a sense like a heart gasm ..... or is the plan gasm free.....

I have heard some people talk about a type of full-body orgasm that sounds similar to a heartgasm but without it being a dry orgasm per se...... comments please?

Blisseeker ( robert)

Hi Robert

I think you're wise to get started. The two-week clearing period is ideal, but optional, even in the book.

You can read about every kind of orgasm under the sun in one place or the other Smile The kind we're suggesting is most healing is one you don't strive for at all. It's a state you fall into.

Let us know how you get on.