Better Alternative to K9 to block porn?

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I have been really tempted lately to look at porn even going as far as discovering a way to disable K9 from blocking porn sites. It is really quite easy to disable even with a throw away email address and random password that I did not store anywhere. I have sent an email to K9 about this and they have replied it is a limitation of Windows.

Does anyone know of a porn filtering program that cannot be disabled without a password? Even a paid program is okay.


If you are at least

If you are at least moderation skilled with computers and have admin privileges then you will be able to disable or find way around anything. My advice would be to relay more on your willpower alone.


Would a guest account make it impossible to disable K9?
You can create a windows guest account and store your admin passwd somewhere safe.

For me, K9 wouldn't really help, because if I decide to masturbate, I can use fantasy. It may avoid accidental viewing of sexy content, but it also makes porn more appealing, because it is forbidden.

This will do it. I blocked

This will do it. I blocked and password protected one file in the drivers folder. Now it can't be moved to disable K9 without the password (which I made random so I can't remember it).

One more barrier to porn Wink


I deletd the entire comment with the youtube link, when I should replaced it with my comment. I didn't want info here on by passing K-9.

Try editing your hosts file.

Try editing your hosts file. It is as imperfect as any solution, but there is a mindfulness aspect that it promotes because you take the steps to block your unique usage patterns. It doesn't work perfectly anymore as the industry has gotten smart and now has stuff viewable through portals and what not. I guess one can block those too. Still, if you go and add anything you relapse too, over time you will train yourself. You can use this in conjunction with K9 as an added layer to work around.

I sense addict coming through in the comments that went with those instructions. Endlessly browsing video clips just isn't that great for me. But then I'm less and less of a TV person too. Are there youTube addicts?

Editing the hosts file is

Editing the hosts file is not effective, here's why:

Add something like to your hosts file and you will not be able to access it by typing into your web browser. However type into google search and then click on the link that shows up in the search results and it will let you in.

Not on my machine. What

Not on my machine. What browser are you using? Are you certain the hosts file edit took as the file is read only by default. Are you on some form of larger network that could be allowing a proxy bypass? One could probably load a search engine cached page. I'm not sure that will allow video content to play.

Hosts file editing is how many ad blocking programs work. I don't see how it could work for some (ads) and not for others (porn).

I am using firefox.Here is

I am using firefox.

Here is what I did.

Since K9 does not block (another way to search for new porn on usenet), I added it to the hosts file as follows:

Now when I type into firefox directly it will not go to that site but if I type it into google and then click on the link for it it will. See this is how it does not block it for me.


Please be careful about what you post. Handle your web wizardry by PM unless it can help someone resist temptation. And kindly do not list actual porn sites. WTF???

Isn't that a usenet site?

Isn't that a usenet site? That's like saying Google exists and with the a certain input you get a certain output. I didn't check closely, but that site looked cleaner than many in terms of ads and whatnot.

Sorry Marnia if I caused any

Sorry Marnia if I caused any trouble for you. I was just trying to come up with better ways to block sites, I didn't list any actual porn sites.

You can delete this entire thread if you find it inappropriate.

Don't rely too much on porn blockers

I have a big list of porn sites in my hosts file, pretty much every porn site I used.

It stops me from taking peeks at porn, but that's about it.

It works as a "reminder".

IMO if you rely too much on porn blockers then you're doing something wrong. You'll always find a way around them.

Do find this reminder works

Do find this reminder works even on other computers that are technically not blocked? When using another computer, occasionally my brain figures out it could access what it's trying not to access. Then there's almost like a chuckle between the neurons. Neurocomedy/drama/etc could be all the rage and might be some say.

Hey man...

The blocker is simply something that prevents you from stumbling on something you might not have known would be porn. I learned the hard way that to just set up a blocker and then go about business as usual is a relapse waiting to happen. You've got to change your whole routine starting with getting on the computer and make sure to add new positive habits into your life like working out and eating a healthy diet. If you do these things porn will start to recede in importance and you will be able to resist urges after you have separated from porn for a number of weeks/months.