Loading site without logging in shows stale data (no recent posts)

Submitted by vrabie on
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I noticed something odd about this site. After posting a blog entry last night, today I checked "All recent posts" from a different computer (without logging in first), to see if anyone had replied.

Strangely enough, not only had that blog entry, as well as my reply to an earlier one disappeared-- the direct link to it didn't work either, and reply-count on the old entry showed 3 rather than 4-- but so had everyone else's posts since about 18:15 (Mountain time?) yesterday. Well, that was the most recent timestamp showing.

After logging in, everything was completely back to normal, with quite a few new posts from today.

Logging back out, still on the same computer, took me again to the time-capsule view from yesterday evening.

I was on a machine that had never accessed this site before, so client-side caching couldn't have been responsible. I went ahead and emptied browser caches anyway, just to be sure, but as expected that had no effect, and I could still reproduce the problem at will by just logging in and out.

As an exapmle, here's a paste of the top 3 most recent posts, while logged OUT, as of 2:45pm EST: (formatting will probably get mangled:

Blog entry Day 11 - Withdrawwwwwl Doop 4 20 min 22 sec ago
Blog entry Day 9 - Update rak173 0 23 min 51 sec ago
Blog entry Is there healthy masturbation? mountaincap 4 37 min 2 sec ago

Top 3 most recent posts, while logged IN:

Blog entry Day 22-Beat my record new bosmith2282 2 2 new 35 min 5 sec ago
Forum topic Porn addiction and asperger Parcival 40 2 new 39 min 47 sec ago
Blog entry Day 54 new life-cubed 3 3 new 47 min 3 sec ago