Cyber sex relapse, how much harm did it do?

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hey everybody!

so i´ve been PMO free for 66 days and had a sort of relapse today. i was on on of these cam2cam chatroulette sites. i was mindlessly browsing that page, had a strong hangover from the night before. suddenly a really hot woman was making clear, that she wanted to have cybersex with me, after i made sure that she wasnt faking i gave in and joined her. i suddenly felt this rush and just stopped thinking about the progress that ive done in the last few weeks. hopefully the connection was suddenly lost somehow after 2-3 minutes, before even finishing. i think i might even been the one disconnecting. this cs isn´t the typical porn kind of stuff, but it comes close to it.

im 24 now, and was heavily using porn from 13 till i was 22. then i got my first gf and had ED problems, so this is actually the main point why im doing this (second) recovery. im heading for the 90 days. three weeks in my recovery i became acquainted with this girl and i´m considering to have sex with here (i know that she wants it, because we´ve been heavily making out once), though i dont want to have a relationship with her.
my question is:

will this incident have a strong effect on my recovery?
should i go for the real life sex or not?

thanks for the fast

thanks for the fast response! that really helps, as i´m currently kind of pissed off about myself. and congratulations for all that you have been doing for all these people using your sites.
will there also be a chaser, although i didn´t climax?
about the girl: i think she will find it strange that i wont have sex with her, after kissing. so i´ll probably won´t do neither.