Good video, good article and good news

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Well I watched this yesterday and found it pretty inspiring. Kind of about opening yourself to your inner guide, if you will. It also contains a lot of wisdom I've been picking up from various sources lately and it condenses it nicely.

Well my ex of a couple years ago is coming over tomorrow for a cuddle date and to listen to my band's new recordings. I'm pretty excited. It wasn't much of a relationship because I was into porn and she was into booze, but I'm expecting a nice time. I haven't had a good cuddle in a year so this is kind of thrilling.

Also I have tentative plans for tea with my most recent ex this Saturday. Also not much of a relationship, but I think making amends with these ladies will make my dating future much brighter.

Also I've been putting myself out there, facing the terror and getting some phone numbers, a previously unimaginable task. This article gave me the boost I needed to start doing that. Cheesy title, but solid advice. Have had a few sort-of dates that feel more like practice than anything. And I started seeing my therapist again.

Hang in there boys. I started this journey in January and my romantic prospects are just now appearing. Give it time.




Sounds like you've turned a big corner.

A cuddle buddy may be just what she needs too. A lot of addiction is an attempt to fill the gap of "missing attachment" in people's lives. I think friends and lovers can do a lot for each other in this area, by laying on the attachment cues.

Let us know how it goes. I'm really proud of you!!!