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Hi All. I've been going through some old 'zines I started writing years ago, and compiling the content anew for a website I am putting together. I came across this old interview of my ex-boyfriend, and thought it might be interesting to some of you here on this forum.


Until the man has learned to channel the orgasm up into his system through his mind, what does he do during the learning curve?

There are methods outlined that show you how to externally lock by placing your three fingers on your perineum, blocking the sperm, but ths way you still lose 60 percent of your energy. You'll lose some of the energetic nonphysical energy, but the energy that's stored in the sperm itself will not be lost, and that's about 40percent of the energy you would lose if you ejaculated. Right after you've ejaculated, your whole system starts working to replace the sperm that was released. It takes the whole body, all of the organs, to replace that lost sperm - because that's our bodies' number one function: to make sure there's always sperm there for reproduction. If you don't ejaculate, you won't feel depleted or lose any of your energy, sperm or electrical. Instead, you feel full of energ, because you've just charged your batteries, so to speak, and you've given yourself this big rush of pleasure and sexual charge, but you haven't expelled it, just reincorporated it into your body. Then when you stop having sex and your sexual arousal starts to go down, you go back out into the world with even more energy.

Is there any loss of that feeling of satisfaction, not having ejaculated?

No. Because as you get better at it, you learn to get at that level right at the height of your pleasure without going over the edge, so you learn to walk that fine line. You don't feel any loss of satisfaction because you're able to just be in that place of maximum pleasure for a very long time, hours even, as opposed to getting to an orgasmic level and just ejaculating. That's like a one-way street. Not ejaculating is like going surfing and catching a whole series of waves rather than one wave, because you have all these different climaxes throughout the sexual experience. You develop more body awareness, and energetic awareness. You're operating on that level where you're steering your orgasmic level so it doesn't get too high or too low. There's an ideal level in there that's the preferable place to be. You're developing that relationship between your mind, your body, and your vital energy, and then you can feel your bodily energy more outside the sexual experience too, and you can monitor it, guide it and steer it.

How could we get this to be more accepted in the mainstream?

There's already a lot happening in the hip-hop world, like the Wu Tang Clan really promoting chi and eastern philosophies and stuff. They do clips of kung-fu movies and so they've already paved the way, greased the skids. And the Taoist system talks about ovarian and testicular Kung-Fu. The average ejaculation per week for someone in my age group is 3.5, and by the time you get to age 60, it's 1.9. I'm down to less than one a month, in my late twenties. A single ejaculation could conceivable populate the present population of the U.S. Multiply that by 5,000 ejaculations per lifetime, and we have enough semen to generate over a trillion lives. Imagine if all of that energy potential were recirculated into the body, and into the heart and mind.

I'm glad

you're pleased with your progress. It HAS been most impressive. *happy smile* It wasn't long ago when you would have viewed your current level of control as a total impossibility. I know it hasn't been easy.

For now maybe just let Mt. Vesuvius do its thing without your...input...and pay the eruptions as little attention as possible - without feeling that you have somehow failed.

Can you employ any of the diet suggestions Hotspring posted?

How's your meditation practice? I'm sure you've heard the story of how AA was founded. Jung told a hopeless alcoholic that he could do nothing more for him. When the man said, "So I should just resign myself to this fatal disease?" Jung said that there was one Power that could possibly help. And It did. Fortunately that plan of success was contagious. Have you got your antenna up?

m78 Good question: I think


Good question: I think it depends on the timing of the kegels and which pelvis floor muscles are used. Some probably goes into the bladder to be released via urination, and some probably stays in the vans deferens or testicles to be reabsorbed by the body.

Ideally, I attempt to use the kegels in a way that stop the expolsion process as early as possible. However, I don't find there is much of an energy difference.

Marnia's work perhaps changes the issue. Its not so much an issue of ejaculation as it is orgasm. During long periods of orgasm abstinence, semen does find ways of exiting the penis. I don't lose any energy or feel any ill effects because the orgasm event has not occurred.

I have experience the same thing..

After long period of abstaining from orgasm, I have observed that the semen(Along with sperms) leaks out before urination.
It happening a lot with me & I do not experience any hangover that is caused by orgasm.
Many people believe that orgasm is different than ejaculation (Orgasm happens in brain) & the orgasm causes these ill after effects & not ejaculation.

Hello Marnia,

As I said before, my social anxiety was the problem I was facing right from my childhood. (I was too much interested in science, unlike normal kids, so I always had a feeling that I am not "one of them" ).
So, I was more interested in reading books than talking with friends & that increased my problems. ( But I had very good advantage for my career).
I was never perceived to be a "Geek" (Rather I know many girls who are interested in me but I don't know how to proceed!)
I am quiet good looking & I am sure that if I work on my personality for a while, I can have many girls interested in me)
Well, after I started watching porn, my social anxiety was boosted.
But this site really helped me (& is still helping me ) to get rid of that.
Now, I can focus on my issues & I have decided to be more social (Or at least pretend that I am social)
From my childhood, I always thought that when I grow up, I will be with more mature people (In my childhood, I thought that maturity level increases with age!). But I was wrong. Most of my Friends (colleagues actually ) only make fun of each other & that is how they enjoy life. Like 1st grade kids). I just hang out with them just not to be alone & I pretend that I am one of them so that I am never made fun of. That really sucks.. there is no point in pretending what I am not.
But I am never made fun of: maybe because all of them know I am different.
Well, I have decided to join some groups as a solution.
e.g. Today, I am going to attend Linux User group's conference held monthly in my city just to meet people who have same interests like me.
Also, I experienced huge improvement in my confidence & self assurance when I found this website. I have more energy now & I am exercising daily (I never did before). I now perceive myself as a self assured successful guy rather than some introvert jerk.
Daily exercise & abstinence really seems to help: I am enjoying my new lifestyle now.

Thanks for letting us know

That's a very inspiring report. There's nothing more beautiful to me than a healthy, confident male enjoying his lifestyle - except possibly a healthy couple enjoying their lifestyle. Wink

And, probably your friends aren't as shallow as they seem. Many people choose to relate superficially, as a form of social glue. In any case, some of my most treasured friends are introverts.

It depends

on how much force you use. You can force it into the bladder, but this means you are straining yourself in a way that I believe could be dangerous for the health of your prostate. The safer way is to make love so gently, and with so much intermittent (dynamic Smile ) stillness, that you do not need the three-fingers method to retain control.