Did anyone else did crazy things to try getting better masturbating experience?

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Hi! Im 20 years old. I have now been away from PMO 33 days, really happy about it, my mood is so much better, less anxiety, healthier lifestyle.
Did anyone else did crazy things to try getting better masturbating experience ?
Sometimes when i had alcohol in my home, i couldnt keep it to next party, i just drinkied it to have chilled feeling while M, even if i had homework to do.After O i sometimes understoof that is was so stupid idea.I also used snus some time.Once even pulled little aspirin powder into the nose,like that was i thinking.
Do you have any this kind of experience?


I once sat in front of a glowing box of electronic circuits, whacking off to multiple digital 2D representations of real women.

That's pretty crazy... ;o)

I used to edge for a whole

I used to edge for a whole night while smoking weed.

I do not really smoke marijuana anymore, but I do crave the amount of pleasure from the combination of weed and masturbation. I can kinda feel my brain lighting up from just thinking about it, so I just try not to. I was however heading in a pretty bad direction with mood-disorders, feelings of being empty and such a bad case of ED (would have to masturbate with both of my hands while watching porn to get semi-hard, which at 23 is not a good look). I feel that leaving it all behind is a much better choice for my overall well-being. I feel proud.