Just saw the movie "Shame"

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It's a new drama starring Michael Fassbender as a man who is struggling with a sex/porn addiction. It was harrowing and powerful and haunting. I highly recommend it for those on this site who are struggling with PMO addiction but must issue a warning that the movie depicts alot of sex and that may be a trigger for those doing a reboot.

I won't give much away for those who plan to see it, but I wanted to say what moved me most was how beautifully the film portrayed the hollowness of the character while showing how desperate he was to be free from the addiction. First of all, there was something surreal about seeing a handsome leading man on the big screen playing basically what we all feel at some point because of our PMO abuse...damaged, hungry for real affection, and helpless in the face of the addiction.

My respect for Michael Fassbender has grown so much not only because of his courage to play this kind of character in this kind of film, but because he nailed it. He gives a pitch perfect performance as a good looking NYC bachelor who is actually tortured inside as he moves from one sexual outlet to another. At times, I swear he must have used the list of symptoms of PMO addiction found this site to build his characterization. I recognized so many things about his behavior and patterns in me, it was eery.

Just so you don't get the wrong idea, it's not about a guy jerking off to a computer day and night -- the character in the film is a sex addict and has alot of promiscuous sex as well as overdosing on porn.

A great film and a beautiful performance.

Just thought I'd share this as some of you may be interested in seeing it. Based on its subject matter, it won't be in theaters long.


It's great

to see a well-made film depicting promiscuity as negative, instead of positive.

Part of what makes porn so addictive and dangerous is that sex with multiple partners is seen as glamorous and often the end all, be all of an "awesome life." It is not uncommon for people to think that pornstars (especially male ones) have a great job -- in fact, the best job. In reality, I bet these guys are not able to enjoy anything aside from depraved sexual acts, have extreme depression due to suffering dopamine dumps on a regular basis, and they may never be able to fall in love again. Not to mention that they put themselves at risk for STD's every time they go to work. That doesn't sound so great to me.

I'm definitely interested in seeing this film. It got really good reviews in the movie community as well.

There's a good interview

There's a good interview with the director Steve McQueen here - worth watching

I would love to see this not sure it is released in the UK yet though. Don't think I could face going with my wife though. If the interview above is anything to go by it will be very true. Although I think it would have been a different film if the characters weren't all very good looking (they seemed to be in the trailer) I can tell you that as with a lot of addictions your standards slip! Before I was married I messed up a lot like this and thanks to PMO/webcams/chatrooms I was heading back that way. This site saved me from that after my second massive slip.