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Christmas day is the end of week 9 for me. I've made a lot of progress, and while I feel good physically, I haven't fooled around with anyone throughout this time. If I understand correctly sex is supposed to slow down your recovery, but at what point does it become necessary to get your shit back in order? I get morning erections and sporadically in the day; however, I still experience some shrinkage, although my erections are OK. I'm torn: would having sex now hinder my progress or expedite it?

I don't think having sex

I don't think having sex with a nice warm partner is bad. It helps re-inforce all the good aspects of human sexuality. Also, positive neurochemicals are released and experienced while touching and cuddling that partner. The bonding and kissing chemicals (oxytocin) are very good for your feeling of well-being.

I am at week 12 and have been having sex with my wife since week 1. Aside, from watching out for "chaser" the physical intimacy has been great.

Sounds like you're ready

Maybe try a slower approach with some kissing and affectionate touch on your first date instead of rushing into sex. Bonding behaviors are powerful ways to increase your (mutual) sense of wellbeing, and will also give you a chance to take a reading on how your body/brain is doing. fcjl8 does these a lot with his wife, too.

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