Potential partners we cross paths with?

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How much do others contemplate who we happen to meet and what is to be learned from each meeting? I think one aspect of dating (and maybe life in general) is that I get loud messages from small details and that information can make processing life in the present trickier. It isn't that I can't be present as I'm intensely present with people, but that there's a delay in coming up to speed. I can see myself literally being too slow to chase a right partner. It will be likely be ok because ultimately a right partner won't vanish on me. Some of this is naturally male as men tend to post-process with our brains. As I've let the world send me what it likes, I find myself in some rather peculiar circumstances and can only conclude there is something to get out the peculiarity itself. With a little thought, the messages can seem profound. My core is being challenged in ways it needs to be though this can be unsettling. I guess I'm attracting that as I let my subconscious do more work.