edging leading to wet dreams and masturbation schedule

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I have noticed that if I "test" my sensitivity by edging (masturbating but not ending in orgasm), I will often
have a wet dream the same night. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if it's
any indication of progress.

Having rebooted for 147 days and never relapsed on porn (only had a 4 wet dreams and masturbated a couple of times),
I am thinking about starting a masturbation schedule. My thought is probably once every two weeks. At this point,
I still have ED issues and I don't think that abstaining from masturbation is going to fix that.

I have been doing meditation and that is helping me relax more. My thought is that I need to focus on relaxing and
connecting positive/good feelings around erections and orgasm. I feel like masturbating every so often will
actually help make that connection. When I edged last night, I already noticed that I'm confident
that I will definitely get an erection (just by sensations) and that I am looking forward to those sensations
feeling really good. I practiced getting an erection, going flaccid, and getting it again.

Does anyone think that this will set me back or will make my ED worse?

Yah, I do use the sensual

Yah, I do use the sensual approach mostly. It works great. Sometimes I have fantasies
of bonding (like kissing/cuddling). I try to stop those but I'm not actually
sure that these fantasies are unhealthy.

I agree

Those fantasies should be fine, although any flirting with real potential partners is even more helpful in wiring to real mates, of course.

It's great your body is responding normally. [ok]