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I first became interested in tantra when I heard that its was an implement of healing through sexual relationships, as described in the title of this webste. I therefore interpreted tantra as a pro-sexual practice at a higher, more spiritual level. However, after reading some of the forum topics, I saw that people were asking for help to restrain from sexual activity. I am confused. Obviously, I did not do much research before joining the site; but, I am intrigued and would like to learn the fundementals of tantra.

Tantra actually just means

Tantra actually just means "continuum", so it is not pro- or anti- sexual. The basic concept is the the buddhist notion that all phenomenon are empty of inherent self-existence in this continuum (ie, all relative phenomenon when observed closely are actually interrelated parts of one inseparable whole). The realization of this emptiness (of any inhereint self-existence) is nirvana or enlightenment. Ego (the delusion of separation) often gets in our way of experiencing bliss and union in the continuum of life. The belief that one is separate from others can lead to habits of clinging or aversion so as to create conditions where the ego feels secure, or nonthreatened.

The tantric view of sex is that the male and female come together as embodiments of divine energy when they are able to use the force behind their desire to transcend craving and aversion and bask in the radiance of their naturally blissful ground state (which permeates all when aversion and craving are overcome). Craving orgasm, objectifying the beloved, using sex only for self-gratification without real tenderness for the beloved, or aversion to sex are all results of the delusion of the inherently existing self - which is the root cause of all suffering. The tantric approach is not one of ascetiscism - rather, it is one of learning to use the energy behind our desire to realize the emptiness of all. However, if you are using sex in an addictive way, part of the process of purification from these innacurate views of reality involves some degree of repatterning, which might include temporary periods of celibacy where the practitioner goes inwards to realize the balanced male and female energies already inside oneself. When two people who have realized their inner balance and union come together, they no longer need to objectify or reach for empty goals that provide fleeting and depleting satisfaction (ie, orgasm).