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As I write this, I am spending time in an area with a lot of beautiful women.

Recap: It's maybe been 3 or 4 weeks without any PMO and I've been doing karezza with my wife for a short while.

I went through a period of maybe 2 weeks when this first started, when I was very horny and had a great urgency and felt great pressure around sex.

It is different now.

The more time I spend with my beautiful wife even without orgasm the more thrilled I am and I don't feel that horny urgency anymore.

I feel a dreamy kind of in-love feeling all the time, a love drunkenness that is not so much in my penis if that makes sense.

I have an amazing reaction when my wife touches me now. Even holding hands is an amazing experience. Any skin to skin contact is incredible. My sexual response is all over my body now and not focused so much in my gonads.

About other women

I used to not be able to help almost ogling a beautiful woman in a bathing suit but now I notice them of course but my feeling about looking at them is different.

It's not the horndog kind of look anymore and I don't ogle them the same way.

It feels very different.

Different feelings in my penis

I get spontaneous erections or half erections but I just ignore them and they go away. I have resisted any desire to edge or touch my penis. It hasn't been difficult.

I have felt far less focused on my penis than ever before somehow. This love feeling that I have is more a bodily sensation than a genital one. But my penis feels a warmth and a presence there that wasn't there before. It feels more melting and ecstatic somehow.

When we go to bed we cuddle a lot which has been several times a day. Eventually quite often my wife offers herself even though I have been very clear that she doesn't have to. Sometimes I am hard, sometimes not, but it doesn't matter at all.

She has started to have more frequent orgasms for some reason.

And being inside her is just unbelievable but not in an intense go-at-it way. I could be there all day although she isn't at the point where she would want me to :)

There is nothing that holds a candle to this in my life. Nothing ever has. I could never believe this type of feeling exists. It has changed my feelings about everything.

If all I ever had in life was this, it would all have been worth it. I hope you give it a chance too. Simply decide not to orgasm with your love and go slow and do a lot of the bonding stuff.

Of course lay off all porn and masturbation. I hope you can realize this state as nobody ever told me it existed and if you get there you will find your whole world is utterly different. At least that's my experience so far.

As far as my behavior is concerned, I find I am much more solicitous. I always was solicitous but sometimes would hide my feeling of irritation, say, if my wife didn't get something with her computer that I felt was simple.

Not anymore. I am thrilled to help her now and don't feel that frustration or irritation much at all. I feel like I can't do enough for her.

I also feel much more patience with other people. I feel much more personal power and competence. I am in a high profile business that I run and there seems to be a power and ability that courses through me, an energy that is undeniable. But also light. I laugh a lot more even than I used to and I go around with a smile on my face a lot.

Who wouldn't?



Sounds like you and karezza

are a match made in heaven. Smile I'm really glad you're enjoying those blissful feelings. It's one of those things that just sounds...unbelievable...until you experience some of it for yourself.

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