Does "drippiness" - pre-cum release of semen = ejaculation?

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A great deal of the magic for me since I quite masturbating has been not ejaculating. I was with my wife and fooling around without sexual intent but I got aroused and I felt like I lost a good deal of ejaculate even though I didn't actually ejaculate. There was some fluid production beyond a few drips but short of a real ejaculation. Just wondered if this will continue, is normal, any suggestions. I have a kind of different less energized feeling afterward. Strange.



I don't know

I've had the female equivalent experience a couple times in the last couple weeks. I'm just assuming it's taking some of my glands a few minutes to catch up with the new program. And I'm carrying an extra pair of panties in my purse.

I'm depressed right now

Wow, what a feeling, like someone let the air out of me tires. Interesting. I wonder if this is post ejaculation and if I always felt this way afterwards but didn't notice for some reason.

That's the answer

to your question.

No worries. At least you know these feelings are but a neurochemical illusion. Just be patient. In a matter of days, you'll feel the highs again.

Try not to draw any major conclusions about your relationship or karezza in the meantime.

Gary and I have always found that we learned the most about karezza from our inadvertent orgasmic sex. Wink

You may be able to relate to this quotation:

Making love is like inflating a balloon. Having an orgasm is like popping
the balloon. But if you finish without an orgasm you are like a
balloon that takes several days to gradually deflate, leaving you much
longer to enjoy the inflated feeling.—