Greetings...33 days down!

Submitted by Floyd on
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Hey everyone, hope you all had a good Xmas and New Year.

I haven't posted in a while, but all is well.

I'm now up to 33 days PMO and fantasy free. It's been pretty easy. I can't wait to hit 44 days again....that was where I was at on my first attempt before I gave in.

That will not be a problem this time.

I miss the super-human energy and optimism I experienced during my first few weeks (the first time).

I hope those feelings come back, but I feel pretty good overall.

I've been having crazy energy in the gym which is nice. I've changed up my routine and it's working out really well. I expect to be more cut this summer then I ever have before (and I'm no spring chicken).

On the work front I've had a bit of bad news. I'm being sent to another territory and I'll have to deal with a bunch of annoying hazing. I don't want to go but I really have no say in it. I'll have to suck it up for a bit, and then it'll be ok. A little mental abuse never killed anyone.

I also plan to update my Match profile SOON. I'm bored and tired of being alone. I need to warm touch of a woman vs. my own hand, lol.

I hope everyone's off to a good start this new year.

Let's look back on 2011 as the last year we indulged in porn.

I guess that's about it for now....I'm not a man of many words!