finally after 130 days, i become a real man again. This is such a great gift for me for the new year of 2012

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I've been doing this reboot for more than 4 months without porn and masturbation, and until now i can confirm that my erection is fully recovered. I have had morning wood almost every morning this week, some lasted for 10-15 min, but some even for an hour. I am just so happy and proud of myself now. Here are the details of how it happened. Like some other guys in this forum, i've been worrying a lot about why it takes so long for a complete recover even though i still believe that it will happen some day. During this period, i have tried to test myself several times with no success. I watched video on youtube that has lil bit of sexual images, and masturbate without ejaculating. However, i stopped testing myself and tried to think positive. When i reached to 4 months period which is recently, i decided to do something different about it. What i did was almost every time i take shower, i gave my lil boy a light massage . I massaged the testicles and then did some light and slow strokes. After about 1 week of doing that, i felt like my boy was responding better and better to my massage and strokes, and finally i got hard-rock morning wood.
This is just my experience, but i am not sure it will work for everyone. But one thing i wanna say is that we have to stay strong and positive. Sometimes i got upset and wanted to give up, but then i told myself "wtf dawg, you almost got to the top and now you to let go the rope and start at the bottom again". Then i think about the hard times that i had to go through countless unsuccessful attempts before this reboot, i see that 4 month periods is the best achievement of my life, and nothing can compare w/ it. I had to fight myself a lot during this time, and i did it. I have a lot more to say, but i ll stop here. Remember that the main key in this journey is to find the right motivation !!! Alrite good luck to everyone here, and let's believe that we all can make it, the only difference is the matter of time :) I am always here if anyone needs help !!


Thanks for this post. I think you may be onto something. We've been puzzled by the slow recovery of some of the guys who cut their teeth on Internet porn without first wiring their brains to sensual masturbation or fantasies of real women...not to mention flirting and kissing real females.

It makes sense that at a certain point, sensual touch would be helpful in awakening the "rebooted" libido for guys in this situation.

When would you recommend someone try this? Do you masturbate to climax, or just stick to daily sensual touch?

Anyone else experiment with this? I think this might be really helpful late in the reboot.

I can atest to a little

I can atest to a little stimulation in reawakening your libido. But at the same time, reawakening it has the high possibility of resulting in a binge relapse if your not careful. In terms of when to initiate the reawakening process, prove to yourself your able to handle the rebooting process by going at least 2 months without any PMO. A real indicator that your tastes have shifted to normal is when you begin thinking about/fantasizing about real 3d women in your everyday life, opposed to the 2d counterparts from your memories with P. Let me say it again, you have to walk before you learn to run. With a person struggling with PMO, got to do a success reboot and then progress to a little reawakening stimulation.

Well said

If you start the stimulation before your reward circuitry has returned to normal sensitivity, you miss the whole point of the exercise...because you can't yet *feel* subtle stimulation. So you'll over do it, in the search for sensation.

you became a man when... took responsibility for this as a problem and dealt with it. You have a lot of courage and self discipline that you didn't have before. What a guy! You should be ultra proud of yourself. A real man who has a problem deals with it and does what it takes to fix it and you have. Wow! What a great feeling.


[quote=emerson] took responsibility for this as a problem and dealt with it. You have a lot of courage and self discipline that you didn't have before. What a guy! You should be ultra proud of yourself. A real man who has a problem deals with it and does what it takes to fix it and you have. Wow! What a great feeling.[/quote]

From myself and if the others don't mind my speaking on their behalf: THANK YOU! :)

Fantastic! Congratulations!

What a great story. Truly truly inspiring. Thanks for posting. And continued success to you in the new year. "wtf dawg" is my new favorite quote from this site. I'll be including it on all my future posts. Haha..

hahah you know what FREE

hahah you know what FREE, that was the only time in my life ever that i cursed myself so much and even worst than cursing my enemy. I called myself bitch, idiot, shithead, dickhead, ... you name it. But i think that's the only way for me to knock down the beast inside of me Lol

Thank so much everyone for

Thank so much everyone for sharing with me probably the best joy of my life, without winning this fight, i can imagine how terrible my life would be. It were times where i got to the point that i didnt want to live anymore you know. All the headaches, shaky hands, loss of concentrations and a ton of other harmful effects from masturbation really made my life so miserable. Again, thank you so much for your support :)

@Marnia: I think the best time to use this experiment would be probably 4 months and up. It depends on each person's history. I had masturbated since i was 10, so for me to get the results, it would be much longer than a person who just started masturbating 2, or 3 year, i guess.
In the beginning, when i stimulate myself, i couldnt erect easily, so i have fantasize about the girl in real life that i like. However, i just stimulate myself about 50, 60% and stop, i never go all the way and ejaculate. I also think that one of the most important key here is we should never ejaculate during the reboot period. The reason is this is the time for your body and your lil boy to rejuvenate itself, so it needs a lot of nutrition and energy in order to do that. And also like ShiningLightBulb mentioned, we also should not test ourselves in the early stage, it would be very dangerous because our mind isnt stable yet, it's still at border line. Hope this answer your question Marinia :) I ll try to make more posts on tips of how to quit masturbating and porn in the future.