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My wife has over the last few years post-menopausally been sensitive to yeast infections.

I think this new way of doing things promotes much more lubrication and there is no ejaculation of course either. I doubt she'll have a problem.

But after PIV she jumps up to urinate and take a shower. I think over time she'll find this is not a worry, but what has been your experience? Thanks




This has been one of the unexpected benefits for Annabelle. She was off and on having yeast infections for as long as we've been together. A number of months after I stopped orgasming and ejaculating she noticed there were no more yeast infections. Since then she's never had another since then and that was 13 years ago.

Same here.

I used to get them every other month, but I don't anymore. My partner still has accidental orgasms, but they have not caused any yeast infections. I think the gentle nature of karezza prevents inflammation and micro abrasions to the vaginal tissue. We don't use lube, because I'm still juicy. If i wasn't, I would use a natural oil like apricot or almond. I am 53, but still peri- not post menopausal.


Positive results for us as well

My wife had been fighting seemingly endless bouts of yeast infections for years and since i stopped ejaculating inside her the problem has gone away - been trouble free for over 4 years now. She is sensitive to the environmental changes semen brings about in her vagina. We have to be careful about lubes as well as anything with glycerin or paraben(s) can set her off too. No problem with saliva though.