♥ I get very turned on just cuddling

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Every time we cuddle, which now is before bedtime and when waking, I get very aroused. Is this good, bad, any suggestions, or experiences?

I enjoy it a great deal and it is quite satiating in itself. So nothing wrong with it. But as I embark on this Karezza expedition I want to not fall into any old patterns without at least re-examining them.

Sparkles explained that when we cuddle she doesn't feel that way at all. So there is a huge difference.

Any comments welcomed. Thanks



Yes, cuddling is good for you

(and it's "oxytocin" Wink )

But no one likes to be smothered. The beauty of being consistent with karezza is that the neediness tends to die down as the partners come into balance. At first, though, usually one is feeling more needy (or more frozen). That's a delicate time, but it passes.


Remember that when you're feeling like a bottomless pit due to low dopamine/sensitivity, no one can actually give you "enough" of anything, whether sex or cuddling. Even if they try, you'll still feel like something's missing. So part of the harmony between the couple is dependent upon time. Meanwhile, you don't want to put your partner's defenses up with too much (temporary) neediness.

It makes perfect sense that

It makes perfect sense that you would be feeling more aroused. This is completley natural when you abstain from orgasm. There's more energy moving through you. Just breath it in and let it flow through you. My impression is that your wife is taking advantage of the new space that has been created. She will need some time to rest there. To get her bearings and feel how she wants to move sexually. I wouldnt be concered, women have just as strong a sexual appetite as men, maybe even more. They just need the space to find it. You being non-orgasmic and focusing on connection through bonding behaviors will give her just what she needs. She also needs to reboot in her own kind of way. Just be careful to keep giving her all the space she needs and not overwelm her with all this extra arousal you feel.