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I think Sood said something about a naked cuddle and that's what we've been doing. It's pretty ace to be honest.

I am leaving everything to my lovely Sparkles.

Whatever happens or doesn't is up to her.

I recognize that all these years things have been pretty male dominated. When I was done, we were done. And so forth. So now it's changed.

We snuggle morning and night and I take my cues from her. I think this is good. She seems to be more interested and a bit more active in our cuddling sessions. No intercourse is suggested or inferred. I am a bit frustrated at that but it's all good. I can be patient and it's intensely fun in any event.


Emerson, I can tell you're

Emerson, I can tell you're getting the sense of it and making some wise choices. I think the only thing you have to work on now is managing your frustration. If you own it and work it yourself without putting any of it on her, you'll be home free. Watch out though, once she fully realizes that SHE is the drivers seat.....well, you'll see.

didn't feel frustrated at all today

we plugged in a bit (at her suggestion) last night. She isn't on board with any of this yet really. She asked me if I really wasn't going to have an orgasm and I said yes. It lasted 10 or 15 minutes but she was tired. I don't push or anything and am really just eager to see how this all pans out. She never had the drive that I have had, but you never know what will happen when she has this space as Darryl has said.

I am not at all frustrated because I am learning from this to be more present and not goal oriented.

I continue getting aroused when we cuddle but that isn't a crime, is it? Smile I am working on some easy energy channeling stuff and I think this helps, and I am working on remembering to relax as things go along.

I'm sad that I'm out of town on a business trip for a few days as of tomorrow. But I'll return on Sunday and Snuggle City will be leaving the station then.

This is really exciting. I think she's at the "what's the point of this?" type stage, but we'll find out together.


you are my inspiration, bro! I am using this period to let her be my teacher. She will learn and lead us to what is best, I am certain. I am learning to listen more and trust this way. That is a wonderful gift. I feel her defenses gradually dissolving as she realizes I'm no longer pushing for anything.

And my own defenses are dissolving. The neediness is a form of defensiveness, scared that I won't get what I want, and it guarantees I don't get what I want. So that's over.

I find that I catch myself in a goal oriented behavior or in tension build-up and then I relax and turn it into something more snuggly, if you will. Obviously this is what I need right now.